What Do You Have Planned for The New Year?

Lynda Louden

Educate - Implement - Love


Having a mission, what's your brand, what's your culture?

Knowing who you are, what makes you happy, and how do you get that done? Our Mission has always been centered around the home. 

Making home a place you want to be, love to be, 

are always happy to come home to.

That's what I'm always concentrating on, making others happy. 

Myself included. 

Does your home engage all of your senses in a positive way?

First and most obvious: does it look good? Are you happy with the colors the arrangement, the accessories?

Second Does it work? Is it functional? Does it fit your life style? Do you have enough storage? Is there a place for the kids or grand-kids to play?

Third Do you have good air quality? Do you have the option to open windows?  Windows so you can appreciate the fresh air? 

Fourth How does your house sound? What does it tell you? Do you listen? Can you hear the birds singing, the breeze blowing?

Fifth Do you enjoy mealtime? Do you need a wine bar or a coffee station?

All of these things can be adjusted whether by opening the windows or cleaning your HVAC system. Same with lighting and the view. We can use what mother earth has provided or we can use our own creativity.


I love to learn!

I'm working with a client who needs an ADA compliant home.

 Everything I learned in School and More needs to be referenced! 

Maintaining Client Relationships is important. Most times your Clients become your friends - so this really is a joyful part of life.

I'm an Allied Member of Treasure Coast AIA!

They have marvelous Learning Opportunities each month!

What a fantastic opportunity to grow and network.


Why Work With a Designer?

Working with an Interior Designer is a smart decision!

Here are three reasons why. 

1. She loves to shop! She loves to solve problems

2. She knows how best to allocate your assets. 

Should you buy a new sound system or a new carpet? 

Maybe you can do both!

3. She has a team of experts - contractors, electricians, plumbers. Scheduling, supervising, ordering, receiving.....



How do we know that function/beauty make a difference?

Look at what Mother Earth supplies to us each day.

Amazing & Beautiful every moment of the day.