What Does Lynda Want For Christmas?

Lynda Louden

Arrange Furniture! And Chocolate!


What does Lynda Love?

 I get to do my favorite things this time of year!  

My sisters and I have been exchanging snowmen for 10+ years! 

Therefore, I have an awesome snowman collection!

I arrange these adorable small,medium and large 

snowmen all around the house.

And Chocolate goes with the Holidays ever so well!

I love to learn!

6. Here are two of the many books I bought for family and friends! Mr. Biddle for my grand-nephew and Golf -The Mind Game for me and my husband.

 I DID graduate from The New York School of Interior Design.

And I Love to Read, Entertain & Garden

8. I volunteer with The Pet Cottage! I take the 

Minutes of their BOD meetings! The Pet Cottage.org is 

a sanctuary for pets that have lost their parents due to death, 

disability or deployment. 

Having said that, I have to say I love cats and dogs! 

9. I’m also a Toastmaster! I give seminars “How to Design your Dream Home or What’s Your Style?”

10. Gardening, I love to pet my flowers. I love to move them from here to there. I love to mix all the greens. Oh no! I guess it's more arranging!