Ten Things Lynda Loves

Lynda Louden

Arrange Furniture! And Chocolate!


What does Lynda Love?

1. I love to arrange furniture & hang art!

My husband, cats and dogs are accustomed 

to having new arrangements, or shall we say vignettes?

No complaints from anyone, just be careful, look where you are going.

2. I love pretty things: color, art, pattern

texture. No favorites. They are all beautiful.

3 - 5. I love chocolate, wine and coffee. 

I just had to put that all together or we 

would be at the bottom much too soon. 

We'll call them consumables.

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I love to learn!

6. I love books, I love to read, I love book clubs and I belong to a

fantastic one! We talk for twenty minutes about the book 

and two hours about everything else!

7. I love to learn, seminars, conferences, I’m a huge 

notetaker!  I did graduate from The New York School of Interior Design.

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And I Love to Read, Entertain & Garden

8. I volunteer with The Pet Cottage! I take the 

Minutes of their BOD meetings! The Pet Cottage.org is 

a sanctuary for pets that have lost their parents due to death, 

disability or deployment. 

Having said that, I have to say I love cats and dogs! 

9. I’m also a Toastmaster! I give seminars “How to Design your Dream Home or What’s Your Style?”

10. Gardening, I love to pet my flowers. I love to move them from here to there. I love to mix all the greens. Oh no! I guess it's more arranging!