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Whatever you have - Whatever your style

Wherever your home is, from Jupiter to West Palm Beach, having a home you love to come home to, that you are proud to share with family and friends is what we are all about. Interior Design can be updating one room or transforming all of your rooms, so that they just hug you and love you. Whether this is with sumptuous comfort and beauty or simple lines and colors you love. Whatever your style, function usually comes first.


Design Is a Process

We  understand that we are always growing, learning. This is why communication is so important to the design process.  We start with a review of your project. What's working - what's not working.  LLI provides you with a plan , often with good, better, best options.  More communication and decisions. Gather our team and execute!


Good Reasons to Work with a Designer

There are so many options. A designer can minimize, highlight the best. If anything can go wrong it will go wrong. A designer is accustomed to these wrinkles in a plan and knows how to smooth things out. Having a neutral partner is nice, but we can  blend two opposite styles; we can made this room just what you want. Let's get started!

Interior Design - What's New?


Ceilings - Often Ignored - But Look at the Difference!

This is from Decoraid. It's wallper for the ceiling. What a nice addition, difference. The Chandelier is adding a tiny bit as well don't you think? The brass accents? The Lucite chairs with the Sarinnen Table? 

Altogether a terrific kitchen!


The New for 2019 is the almost-no-color on the wall.

This is a mist, a very pale blue-green.

There are other pale pastels, chalky colors that are good choices and popular. It definitely takes the background, but it also stands up to the red lounge chairs and the graphic art.  It really is a matter of balance. The dark pieces offset by the pale walls, carpet and midrange yellow sofa. 

Again by Decoraid.


Color of the Year - Night Watch Green

  They say white kitchens are over! Moody and romantic Night Watch Green is a throw-back to the hunter green of the nineties. Something this dramatic needs to be a careful decision. Always work with things and colors you love. Then it will be timeless. 

Want to add the color of the year but not this much? Add a pillow.

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