by Yellowstone Traditions

Bedroom Hygge

Now isn’t this bedroom C-O-Z-Y? This bedroom is so many things. I love it! Yellowstone Traditions is an Architectural Firm out of Montana. Yellowstone Traditions It’s hard to say cozy once you are inside the room. Cozy always brings a more humble picture to mind. But comfort is key. And this room is soooo comfortable.

So this is not quite Danish Style even though it is hygge!

The amount of texture is incredible. The stone fireplace and stone daybed! Contrast with the soft pillows. The furry throw on the bed. The smushy cushion on the rock solid day bed! I’m sure the view is exquisite! Let’s not forget the beamed ceiling. The short pile carpet provides softness underfoot.

Dining Hygee

This is just as much hygee as the bedroom above (below). But the casual has been heaped on every square inch! The pillows, the candles, the variety in texture are all on the same page if a different hygge paragraph. The coming together is so emphasized with the gathering around the coffee table. The cozy has become extended with the gorgeous view, one is under the stars and cozy. Just awesome. Congratulations.


Dining Life Styled – pinterest

by chamber-furniture

Uncluttered Kitchen:

Danish Design and the now hugely popular Hygee Lifeystyle tends to be a clean (above) and uncluttered way of life.  Our Beautiful Interiors Newsletter BI # 284 Embrace Hygge Style! shows rooms with lots of pillows and extra throws. Remember Denmark winters are brutal and long. The nights are even longer. Warming up the house, your home with these creature comforts does a lot to dispel seasonal affective disorder.

Check out this beautiful hygee Living Room complete with Candles!

Cozy Living Room:

With all the discomforts of cold, snow and long nights, making home the place to be dispels the idea that their is someplace better you should be. The mindset of contentment seems to be a huge factor. Being content with hot chocolate and a movie is a far cry from dancing at the club all night. Doing all of this home stuff with friends and family is just as important as the cozy fire.



by Grace Ivy posted by thespruce

There is a lot of information out there! If you go and look for it! And then you have to decide which you want to adopt as your own. Of course I’m not a mom, but I am a designer and knowing the ins and outs of a nursery are fully within my range. What have I learned new from this recent sojourn into mommy/baby land?

Décor Advice

1. Working with a neutral color is smart.
2. Deciding on a theme is fun. See Cowboy below.
3. Babies are best when surrounded by mommies skin, warmth and love.
4. Keeping a storage unit or table top near mommies rocking chair is very efficient.

Where to Go for Safety Standards:

5. There are lots of safety standards available and we should be aware of them and implement them.
a. United States Consumer Product Safety Commission USCPSC
b. ASTM The American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM (more…)

Doot Doot Doot Restaurant in Australia


This is Chef Guy’s New Restaurant in Melbourne Australia. The ceiling boasts ten thousand globes of amber glass. This is the Jackalope Hotel. Maybe you want to book this for dinner next week? Bravo! Australian lighting designer, Jan Flook. The inspiration for the fabulous lighting affair? The bubbles caused by wine fermentation! And Doot Doot Doot boasts a 1200-bottle wine cellar.  click for more details

More Great Restaurants? Restaurant 33 Greenwich in NYC boasts New Orleans southern cooking. Dessert first? Or breakfast as good as dessert? Fabulous design by Kelly Framel, The Glamourai. This moving still live mural is by Kelly Marie Beeman.

Kelly Framel_The Glamourai_33 Greenwich NYC

I love red white and blue and so does 33 Greenwich! So much style – I definitely would have to go around three times, maybe more to savor all these beautiful details. See more Glamourai Design Remember NYC is the place to be seen. Don’t you just want to be there? So much to see and do. Worthy of many fabulous explorative design journeys.


Restaurant 33 Greenwich NYC

by Lillian August for Hickory White


Talk about color! Blue is the dominant color. But there is orange and green and yellow. Lillian August Her Webpage for More Great Stuff  This is a great lesson, how-to for accessorizing a room. Blue is the basic, the foundation. Splashes of bright color keep the dark blue from becoming too much. The two white sofas also balance the blue chairs and blue walls. Accessorizing 101: Vases with flowers, the usual books on the cocktail table, pillows, animal prints, different tables of wood, glass and marble.

Carpet anyone! There is so much out there! It’s incredible. Any color you want. Any price range you want.
You can shop anywhere for inspiration and then go for what you can afford! Carpet can be confusing.
Here is a nice page. Learn More About Carpet

Carpet World at High Point Market



Attics, Basements and Garages are all treated the same way. No clutter. Nothing that you don’t love or need.
There is no way around this one. Of course we don’t have to embrace Feng Shui. But there you have it – pure and simple.

Lynda Louden Interiors & California Closets

Nothing worthwhile is easy. We as a people tend to be lazy. Or workaholics. It’s the old balance thing again.
It’s hard to get out of bed every morning isn’t it? We often need a kick in the pants. But don’t we feel our best when something great is accomplished? It doesn’t have to be a walk on the moon, but getting a report or proposal done. Getting the wash done. Preparing a nice dinner. Getting a paycheck at the end of the week. Clutter is a clear indicator of stuff that there has been no decision made, clean indicator of inaction.

Storage – Garage – Attic – Closets

Storage is allowable. It should be labeled. It should be everything we love and need. When something loses their value, we should dispose of it. Throwing things away is a last resort. A fur coat in Florida or in the Jungle can be put to better use. Donate it – sell it – wear it. Remember you can feng shui your home a room at a time. Remember you can do whatever you want – and Feng Shui doesn’t have to be in the mix.

Before & After

But oops. I believe the universe is a whole and we are all connected. I do believe in the butterfly wings scenario. There are too many miracles to believe otherwise. Here is my desk after I applied the Bagua Map.  I showed you the before on Saturday’s blog and you can see my progress! There seemed to be a something missing so I reviewed the Bagua map again. There is love on both sides, family on one side and love on the other. So I added the pictures of my sisters, and what a huge difference.

after desk

Things need to be treasured. I guess that keeps repeating doesn’t it. People need to be treasured and so do our things. I guess it’s all about the relationship. Keeping your garage organized so that your car fits in is very much like our closets and the space beneath our beds. Kitchen cabinets are they tidy? Do you have what you need and that’s it? Housekeeping is never ending and thank goodness!

right side of desk by Lynda Louden Interiors

by Court Atkins Group

This room is beautifully designed and has no bright red or black to represent the fire or spiritual elements. But as always there is more than one way to design a room. What are the feng shui elements in this room? The water is represented in the vases and plants, which does signify black for spirituality. And the feng shui fire element which is typically represented by red, also means fun and joy and is the ship model and egret paintings. The Coastal Beach Theme is strong even if neutral – remember to always work with elements you love not just because they are the ‘right’ elements. If you don’t love it – it won’t work.

Facing the South is another fire factor and this room might face South. We don’t know – but to feng shui your office, your desk, you will have this as a know how. My desk faces a wall (not good) but to my right is a view and it’s to the south. My desk faces the entry door which is a good thing. You do have to make choices and decisions that are within your existing constraints. Next we will talk about – show you the diagram of a feng shui desk. (Below)

This is the Bagua Map. The pattern is for each room and your home as a whole. Remember you can make adjustments, Feng Shui is a philophosy, not a rigid set of design rules. The Five Elements are always important no matter where we are in life, and no matter which room. These nine life areas are given equal attention in theory.  But, do they all get a place on your desk?  See what adjustments you can make. I have moved my pencil sharpener and a stack of papers, my pending file. Stay tuned for before and afters!

LR Moscow by ARCH.625 interiorzine

Modern Minimal Furniture

This room is designed so spectacularly and that from someone who adores pattern. It’s so white and immaculate, I worry that it can’t be lived in by anyone other an extremely anal individual,  careful and with meticulous living habits. So what design here is new? It is certainly inspirational. The sofas look like covered boxes which are opposite the sofa’s in New Design Ideas 2, which looked like velvet covered balloons. Design Ideas 2  The stone walls might be something you want to think about. The Lucite chairs, the natural wood dining table and bookcase.

There really is minimal texture in this room. Why does it work design wise? First we have to take our tolerances to a small and beautiful spot. There just isn’t any nubby, plump or soft furniture in this room. Oh yeah, the pillows. Thank god. Now look at the differences in the materials given these design constraints. Stone walls, Lucite chairs, warm wood grained table and bookcase, the abundant cotton seating, the soft linear drape. And let’s not forget the shiny floor. It looks like BM Bright White. This is probably part of the IMM Cologne Showroom. And no one does live here! But it’s full of great ideas!

Comfortable Furniture

We have a bit more of the velvet covered balloon sofa’s for our next Design Idea. This is the Plumy Collection from Lignet Roset, the same as the pink and blue sofas from Design Ideas 2. Click for more Lignet Roset Collection. Beautiful webpage and you get to meet the designers. 🙂 Depending on  where you are, this furniture is exciting or impossible. But that’s what we are talking about – something new. It can’t be a new idea if it’s always what we have known. And the benefits of trying something new? Shall we talk about the changes in fashion, the flapper, the midi, the peasant skirt, pointy shoes, platforms, mini-skirt, Nehru jackets? What if we were still wearing pantaloons and a bustle? Trying something new is fun, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding. We thrive on change! New Restaurant in town, New baby, New Movie, New Book, New Design!

Plumy Collection IMM Cologne interiorzine

Philippe Nigro Ligne Rose

This gorgeous furniture for your living room is by Italian Design House Lignet Roset. Ligne Roset Showroom Locator The room is by Designer Philippe Nigro.  These Ideas for your home are brand new ideas from the IMM Design Show in Cologne Germany. It certainly is a bit different. I would love to sit in it and I suppose I could have had I been there! Notice the modern twist to the seating but the classic wall treatment. We are reminded daily aren’t we of how tiny the world has become with knowledge, pictures and how-to available at the touch of a button.

This room works for so  many good design reasons.

1. The simple lines of the sofa are balanced with the architectural wall detailing and the parquet floor.

2.There is a high level of interest, of energy because of the contrast of the classic and modern elements.

3. The same with the contrasting color, the bright blue and the neutral walls.  Color Blocking. Still cutting edge design.

4. The wall mirror has captured a geometric ceiling pattern!  A beautiful design trick!


Our second room is Millennial Pink and the Designer is Maureen Stevens Design posted by Dering Hall. This soft pink was the color of the year a little bit back, but things come and go, taking their time. More About the Steadfastness of Millenial Pink

Why This Room Works:

1. The small repeat in the wallpaper allows for the great big pop of the mirror.

2. The repetition (mirror, chair band, table legs). of the gold make the room sing the same song.

3. The same with the touches of black again in three, the drapery, the sculptured mirror, and the hand art on the cocktail  table.

4. The icon pattern of the drape is a very repetitive pattern, but it mimics the city high-rise view. Another excellent Design Decision.

Who wouldn’t love this room? It’s Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Designer Maureen Stevens

by Duralee

Fabrics are more beautiful than ever. Duralee is one of my favorites. (Above Photo) But everybody has something wonderful going on. Geometric bold patterns are big in the world of fabric. Remember we said geometrics were big in the way of tile? Everything happens at almost the same time. Technology reigns. No reason for lag time, what’s possible here is possible there.

Color is raging. Adventure is king. Break the rules.

by Laura Gonzalez – Paris

Geometric makes it’s way into furniture as well. (Above) This fantastic console with sharp lines and bold color speaks to the adventurous spirit. Nothing faint-hearted here.

Adventurous orange or bold green, if you haven’t tried color – by all means give it a try. A pillow is a good way to start.
Paint a small room if you are a bigger risk taker.

by Haver Skolnick Architects

Can you see the truth in this photo? In this gorgeous room by Haver Skolnick AIA? The carpet is full of bold colors and boasts a strong geometric pattern. And this is for a bedroom. A place of repose and dreams. If it’s a craze in one discipline, it is or will soon be in the others. Innovation is a wonderful process. And the results are fantastic.

If we don’t take baby steps, or try something new once in a while, we are in a groove that remains safe. The same. Our minds are happier, excited with something new. We are happier when exploring. Get crackin!