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Adding Color to Your Home. A Dream Come True.

This would be a fantastic Design project for the  New Year 2018, introducing a new color into your home! This is Pantone’s Color for 2018. This purple is an exciting color, difficult to work with because it’s a strong color. It’s not navy, which is so classic it’s considered a neutral. But even there Navy, is a dark color and you need to be prepared for it. Adding lots of white.

Do you have a wish list? Is it mental or written down? Writing dreams down on paper helps to make them come true. Putting it on paper, makes it more concrete. Posting it where you can see it everyday keeps it in the forefront of your mind. You will notice purple more, see it in new ways, quiet ways – strong ways. Maybe you can add a pillow for a start. Buy a purple set of dinnerware! Purple art in a neutral room. I’m using lilac as examples. (Below) You can see how adding color doesn’t have to be a wallop like above. Try one of these ways to add softer color to one of your room! (below)

Multiple Ways to Make Dreams  Come True.

Figure one is by Froghill Design. Figure two by our favorite Pottery Barn. Figure 3 by Santo Pietro Design. This Living Room is a beautiful blend of colors. So much  you are not sure what is real and what is being reflected. The art  is a dreamy pinky purple, lavender. Figure two  you might miss the lilac,  purple pillows they are so soft. But it’s a very nice  addition to the room. Figure three, the lilac is in  the wallpaper and in the bench seating at  the end of the bed. If you don’t want  wallpaper or palm trees, a  pale lilac wall color would  be perfect. So pale it’s almost white, or one  or  two  notches  above that. Dream in color? Dream with soft lilac or bold purple? Go for it! xoxo Lynda

by homedit

Feng Shui Gold Living Room:

The ‘personality attached’ to the metal element is the Alchemist. This is their dream come true. The color white is in abundance. Clean and Pure. The gold cocktail table is united with the gold chairs and pillows.

It’s like gold dust, but you do want to stay and not disappear into fairyland. Oh that’s pixie dust. Sorry. The metal element is high energy and the wood console is important because it tones things down, balances, neutralizes the space. If you didn’t have the majestic wood console, the energy would fly through this room, this one important feature is doing quite a lot to make this room work.

The large portraiture is doing quite a bit to offset the high energy, she is adding softness and a welcome. Where white and metals,  can be seen as cold and sterile, she is adding warmth and friendliness. Decorating with Feng Shui principles in mind is pretty smart and pretty beautiful.

Feng Shui Silver Bedroom:

The bedroom below is also a vision of loveliness, but in a completely different fashion than the above bling. Gray is the second color associated with the metal element and the Alchemist. This bedroom looks totally comfy and cozy. A Zen atmosphere has been created with the oversized wallpaper pattern. More repetition in the Greek key patterned carpet. This repetition is soothing. The settee is plush, but it’s also silver in color which again makes this a perfect Alchemist’s room. Designed to perfect comfort. May your New Year be full of Perfect Comfort and Happiness. xoxo Lynda Louden Interiors

by Inhabitliving

Pioneer: Feng Shui Wood Element

We will end our 2017 Blog Posts with the Feng Shui archetype, the Pioneer. This the wood element. It really means trees. [to me] This stunning paneled wall (above) has become the feature wall. The Chevron pattern is energetic despite the somber colors. A Pioneer leads the way into new territory. Let’s all be pioneers for the New Year! Lead the way with kindness, compassion, love and generosity. This room could use a bit of fire, and perhaps more metal. Perhaps red books and a red lamp? Maybe a pillow. Pink might works as well, a bright pink, fuchsia. The room is perfect as it is, but if you wanted to change things up – perhaps dress it up for a party, those might be good options.

Pioneer Colors: Green & Brown

This living room (below) has a very nice mix of woods, the bookcase, the floor, the coffee table and the bench. It’s perfect Feng Shui  with the green plants. Remember The Urban Jungle is a very popular! Click for More Information!  Having plants is like having kids or pets. They need tending. You have to find their sweet spot. Every plant is different from the other. They do love company!

Wood represents growth. Trees are always reaching for the stars. Stable and growing. Wood is a healing element. I haven’t figured out quite why – other than it’s spiritual or symbolic qualities. Click to Read More  So if you believe we are part of the same universe this does make good sense. Trees and plants are vibrant and add health, decisiveness, wealth and prosperity to your room and you! Happy New Year! We will continue the New Year with the Alchemist and the Philosopher. Metal and Water respectively.

by freshdesignmedia

by homedit

Feng Shui Bedroom

This would be typical of an Earth Feng Shui Designed bedroom. (above) Earth Colors are beige, and other neutrals like sandy colors and skin tones. Light yellow. Green is not here because the color green belongs to the wood element, for trees. Earth is stable and nurturing, so the bedroom (BR) is a good place to design with earth colors, remember pink and red are passion so they would work in the BR as well. Feng Shui is not about rules, but what works considering all relevant factors. The brick wall represents stability, another good feature for a bedroom where we rest, nurture ourselves, restore our bodies for the next day.

Feng Shui Living Room

Below is an neutral living room (LR) that could be designated Feng Shui Earth Design.  It is a NYC Home and despite the exciting view, calm is everywhere in this earth-toned living space. Earth tones invigorate your mental health.  The LR is where we relax and visit with friends, maybe do some homework, it’s a good place to be mentally alert, and with these soothing colors, the brain relaxes, which makes it work better. The Earth archetype is the Peacemaker. Doesn’t that fit in beautifully? Calming colors and Calm People. Feng Shui Design and the Interior Design Principles are not rigid. Always design with the occupants in mind. What are their preferences, what are their needs and what do they love?  Click if you want to learn more about Feng Shui.


feng shui energy by homedit

This is a high energy room, (above) thanks go to the gorgeous red comfy sofas. Red usually says it all. And red along with pink and purple are high energy Feng shui colors.  The plush, non-conforming sofas say come and join me! The room is balanced with the dark floor, which represents water. The wood framed windows nurture the fire. Feng Shui art/science blends seamlessly with Design Principles. The softness and non-conformity of the seating are balanced by the square pattern of the floor and coffee table. Really almost every other item in the room is a straight line. Which makes the room work, or the energy flow. Do you think this is a Wizard’s Room? Wizards represent the Feng Shui Fire Element.

Let’s contrast the high energy living room that boasts red with a bedroom (below) that is soothing and still has a medium amount of red. The below bedroom falls in the Metal Element. White and gray are the colors of the Feng Shui element, Metal. The soft furnishings, carpet, drapes, sofa make the room inviting. Both are using red with completely different results, don’t you think?


by Pantone Purple Bodacious

This is a very sophisticated lavender room. (above) The two lilac chairs are not alone in making a shout-out! The Leopard print chair, the yellow telephone, the bright white walls. The navy blue lamp shade, really? This room is retro, eclectic, vintage. It’s classically layered to create I’ve been here a long time, it declares a lived in, someone loves me look. I think the only new thing in it is the Navy Lamp Shade! It’s definitely a lavender room. The two chairs are the focal point. Dare I mention the tangle of computer cords and the leggy green plant? Outstanding! See More Violet Ideas  from Apartment Therapy.

This violet seating goes Vroom Vroom! (below) Is there anything you don’t love about this seating area? If the table were a different height it’s a dining room. The violet seating, the window treatment, the chandelier, make this room very dynamic. Very seductive, in a not so shy, here I am, don’t you love me? kinda way. The charcoal wall is balanced with the white trim, chandelier and window treatment and carpet.

The shapes in the room are curvaceous. The tufted violet chairs, the curved chandeliers, the three dimensional window treatment, the art has headlights peering at you, the curved chair legs mimic the coffee table curved legs in the opposite, convex, concave way. Brilliant!

by Designer Carey Karlan



Violet & Neutrals:

Decorating with Violet. Violet is combination of red and blue, which makes it difficult.  The balance is what’s difficult. Red is a strong color, Blue is more palatable.  Depending on what you add things will sparkle and shine or be not quite right.  So adding one lilac, violet, lavender in a room that is completely neutral except for one piece, sofa, chair, carpet makes it doable, livable. (above) The purple geometric pattern in the carpet is color repetition which makes for cohesiveness. The blue chair works, because blue is a component of purple. They are related.  More from Pantone

Violet, Violet, Everywhere:

Now we go to a room that is enveloped in lilac, violet, lavender. So many pretty names. When you color your walls with such a vivacious color, you go from safe to adventuresome! Remember we decorate with who we are. Are you adventuresome and yet you decorate with neutrals? It may be you need that balance.  Think about violet, lilac, lavender is this who you really are? Do you want to express yourself, share yourself with others? Why not try violet, lilac or lavender?

by Designer David Kaihoi HB

by Designer Timothy Whealon

Small Kitchen Design
This kitchen came up with Trend 2018 as the search word. A small kitchen making a bold statement with its painted floor. The bead board walls and the nice mix of metals make it very contemporary, yet at the same time it is a casual, classic look. That is a mouthful. But mixing metals is an Avant garde methodology.  Painting a wooden floor with such a bold pattern is also a mix of styles and that is how this kitchen so successfully makes a dynamite presentation, despite its modest size and nothing over the top or any bling factor. Working with a savvy designer will get you such great results. Trusting your designer will get you everywhere. The white color scheme is smart in this small space. The use of texture is fabulous, the shiny floor, the matte cabinets, the rustic flower pot, the three patterned plates, the stripe bead board wall treatment. The flowers and the heaping bowl of fresh vegetables are the diamonds for this beautiful room.

Rustic Kitchen Design
Designers can work anywhere. A Florida designer can do a rustic kitchen (below). And my readers are far and wide so I like to keep everyone aware of good design. Your interiors should reflect the architecture of your home and its location. These vintage or well-worn brick walls are such a great backdrop. So much history and time has been absorbed by these vertical, stationary structures. Open storage is still a popular method of keeping your things handy. So again this room while ancient in some respects is modern in others. Of course, open storage is ancient. Kitchens such as this used to be far away from the living quarters of a well-to-do household. Today’s kitchens have long been the center of the home, much like ancient one-room dwellings where life centered around the fireplace, source of heat and a good meal.

by Cameron Schwabenton

by Designer Katie Ridder

Tall Cabinets – Add a Ladder
These ladders are usually reserved for the library. Here they are in the kitchen! Love ladders? – Why not put them wherever they are needed! They add a conversation piece, they are an eye catcher, they add architectural interest. With white everywhere we can afford the handsome dark floor. (above) The floral patterned wheel covers are a gorgeous detail. Soft touches of green and red color and pattern make this kitchen pretty. A woman’s touch. I would say adding a ladder to your kitchen is a kismet production! More About Library Ladders in the Kitchen!

Three Dimensional Wallpaper_Tile
This three dimensional wall paper or tile is still popular. (below) Again we see it acts as an eye grabber, a focal point, an OMG feature. This is not for the faint of heart either. Remember your style is whatever you want it to be. Do you want something pretty, casual, modern, romantic or classic? There are a million ways to design a room properly, why not make it your way? More Great Ideas for 3D Tile!   Lynda Louden Interiors would love to help you find your Design Style!

by Designer Stephen Shubel HB

Handsome Kitchens:

Black & White Kitchens are popular. They are kismet because they are unusual. They take your breath away. They take a very brave heart to want one and live with one. No one is ever going to say, “How Pretty!”. Black is always dramatic. It’s handsome, beautiful, professional and even traditional. Always remember to add a lot of white when working with strong colors. The floor in this kitchen (above) is dark as well, so the walls need to be white. A stark, bright white. The glass doors of the upper cabinets lends itself to a more ‘airy’ look. The white dishware collection was smart. The white pendant lighting, the simple window treatment of white blinds adds to the large volume of white to balance the dark cabinets and floor.

Black is not friendly. It is sophisticated. It is elegant. This kitchen (below) has black appliances with an extraordinary amount of brass trim and black cabinets . The walls are white tile as is the crown molding. This balance of dark and bright and light is vital so the room stays handsome and doesn’t become dark and gloomy.

Black & Brass Bailey-McCarthy HB