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Neutral or Colorful Pallette:

Patios expand our living space. There sure are plenty of ways to get more out of where you are?
This homeowner decided to add shade with the awning. It adds a nice flair doesn’t it?

These days with danger of sun exposure – it’s smart to consider these options.

The overall neutral color scheme comes alive with the bright orange coffee table. Smart decorating!

Consider your setting:

Below is a very prettily decorated patio. This is a very happy space because of the brightly patterned pillows. The above patio is much more calm even with the pop of orange. Very different styles. Both beautiful. That’s what knowing your style, what mood you want to create is important before you start. You will know which direction to take, it takes less time and energy if you narrow the field from “I don’t know – everything looks good,” to something specific, “I want bright and sunny or I want calm neutrals.” Remember your environment is a factor. The above patio is set very much outdoors, it looks like it is set in the forest. The brown seating fits right in. The earth can dust up a bit and not be noticed. Below the patio is close to the house and the white wicker furniture fits in nicely.


by designer Catherine Huckerby

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Patio doors:

One has to appreciate that all these apartments, condos, co-ops are designed the same way. Everyone has a balcony. If you have a balcony you usually have a patio door. How do you decorate these small spaces? The sky is open to everybody. Blue skies, cloudy skies, stormy skies, gray skies. Have you underlined this outdoor view with a pretty scape of our own? How you decorate you indoor rooms usually reflects how you will decorate your outdoor space. Take your clues from there. Same style, same color scheme. It’s ok to break the rules, but usually it’s good to keep your eye moving easily from one room to the next. If you have a neutral room in one or the other, you could add a splashy color.

Garden Patio:

Being able to step outside and inhale the fresh air is an enormous experience. If you have a table and chair and you can sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine ( any drink of your preference). Decorate with a pot or pots of flowers makes a tiny space, a beautiful space to relax, to visit, to review.

Tending a garden is a very therapeutic occupation. Having foliage around and in your home is very healthy. Lots of good reasons to take advantage of the space immediately outside your windows/doors. It does take time to find what plants work well for any location. Keep trying, you will find a lovely assortment of greens before too long. Ask your neighbors or your local nursery what might work.

by Kevin O’Shea Design homeandecor post

Patio by Getty

Middle of May. Summertime is almost here! It’s been a rough winter/spring for many of us.

Warm weather is on the way! It’s a good time to celebrate!
How can we decorate for warmer weather? Dining outdoors is always in order. Do you have a spacious patio
like this or something a bit smaller. Anything big enough for a two pillows should be taken advantage of!
Here we have a small table and two chairs. (below) A beautiful pot of flowers always dresses up, charms a space.


It’s good to enjoy a few moments alone or with someone you love. That being said you almost prefer the smaller space don’t you?

Small means intimate and cozy. Always highlight the positives. It’s remarkable what a difference that makes. All you have is toast. But what about cinnamon toast? Doesn’t that bring back delightful childhood memories? Dripping with butter or just enough butter to suit you and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. I always loved that part. Simple Happiness.

Notice the odd assortment of chairs in the patio above. Furniture doesn’t have to match. Especially for friends, people you love. Hanging lights is festive. A bit of work, but well worth it.  Candles are always in order. Now you have to prepare some good food and invite those friends over! Your’re ready!


by William Perugini

Simple pleasures like bike riding are inherent in Hygge. Don’t you love the wagon with four children?

Hygge is a close knit configuration, so it might be difficult if you aren’t native. But put out good food and light the fire and I’m sure you’ll do okay. Making others comfortable and being able to relax yourself is a huge part of hygge. There is no hostess that does everything. Everybody gets involved.  Hygge emphasis is on people and ‘hugging’ which leads to high doses of oxytocin. It’s a win/win/win. Good food, warmth, friends = good time (oxytocin/hygge)

These events don’t have to happen only at home. You can have the same good time with friends and candles anywhere (below). You can make your office cubical hype with socks in your drawer or leaving chocolate for your cubby neighbors. Have a potluck Friday lunch – what a grand idea!

I’m getting these tips from Meik Wiking’s Little Book of Hygge. I must add that Hygge is very often a conglomerate. Compound words like Hyggekrog is a Hygge nook. Pastries are hyggelige. Anything that takes a long time to prepare is hyggelige. The longer the more hygge. Surprise. Surprise. Kaffehygge  – guess? Coffee is everywhere. “Live life today like there is no coffee tomorrow”. I’m so there!

Summer or Florida Patio by Getty




by Duralee

Fabrics are more beautiful than ever. Duralee is one of my favorites. (Above Photo) But everybody has something wonderful going on. Geometric bold patterns are big in the world of fabric. Remember we said geometrics were big in the way of tile? Everything happens at almost the same time. Technology reigns. No reason for lag time, what’s possible here is possible there.

Color is raging. Adventure is king. Break the rules.

by Laura Gonzalez – Paris

Geometric makes it’s way into furniture as well. (Above) This fantastic console with sharp lines and bold color speaks to the adventurous spirit. Nothing faint-hearted here.

Adventurous orange or bold green, if you haven’t tried color – by all means give it a try. A pillow is a good way to start.
Paint a small room if you are a bigger risk taker.

by Haver Skolnick Architects

Can you see the truth in this photo? In this gorgeous room by Haver Skolnick AIA? The carpet is full of bold colors and boasts a strong geometric pattern. And this is for a bedroom. A place of repose and dreams. If it’s a craze in one discipline, it is or will soon be in the others. Innovation is a wonderful process. And the results are fantastic.

If we don’t take baby steps, or try something new once in a while, we are in a groove that remains safe. The same. Our minds are happier, excited with something new. We are happier when exploring. Get crackin!

by merwis_irosi

Palm trees are so plentiful, well over a thousand varieties, shop by size – small medium and large. Shop for ‘Container’ size Palms. Decorating with plants has so many benefits. Good for the eye. Good for the soul.  Here is a beginners list of palms that grow well as indoor plants. Decorating with plants doesn’t mean you are a farmer or that you are gardener. It means you know the value of plants as a design option and as a healthy feature. Smart and Sassy.

* Kentia palms (Howea forsteriana)
* Sentry palm (howea belmoreana)
* Fishtail palm (caryota mitis)
* Pygmy date palm (phoenix roebelenii)

This modern living room, has added curve to the straight lines with the selected palm trees. It’s a symmetrical arrangement which makes the room very calm. I’m not a plant expert, a plant lover. So remember this is for ideas only. Places and Ideas to explore. But not all palms need bright sunlight and they don’t all need to be outside so the can be as tall as a tree.


Now this room doesn’t make a Palm statement. It has one potted plant doing a good job of adding shape and form, texture and color to the room. Remember to decorate your way. A lot or a little of this or that. Next blog we will go for rooms that may infer you are a gardener and/or a plant lover.


pop-sugar Adrian Busse

Layering carpets is another ongoing trend for 2016. This room shared by Pop Sugar is another example of current design trends. Mixed metals, layered carpets and neutral tones throughout the room.

We didn’t talk about textures in Trends 2016 I, so let’s do it with this living room. Decorating with neutrals  necessitates a variety of texture. For nubby we have the larger carpet and the beige rattan chair in the foreground. For matte we have the leather seating and wood floor. Shiny surfaces include the metal side tables and the shiny sections of the fireplace. The foliage is always welcome and adds shape and texture to this room composition. The clay pots are a rough texture and add a lovely contrast to the matte and shine.

Notice that nothing in this room matches, except for the one black chair and it’s ottoman. The room is tied together without the convenience of a ‘set of furniture’. The room makes sense and is cohesive because of repetition of color and shape. The sandy sofa and rattan chair. The gold thread of side tables. The black stone fireplace and leather chair are kissing so they are so happy together. The green plants and the green pillows are another echo that holds this room together.

The view is the focal point, which is why there is no dramatic art or anything that would steal the real show. Yes, fireplaces are typically the focal point, but here they are working in tandem, and the view behind the glass wall has it during the day, the fireplace for the evening.

The outdoors is brought in with the one ‘clay’ pot on the outside, your gaze makes a triangle between the three pots and there is even Buddha giving his blessing.

Something about Autumn and cooler weather makes us want cozy. That is another popular feature of Trends 2016.  Crisp, clean and modern doesn’t make the same statement as cozy does. I believe our troubled times calls for cozy. Always surround yourself with what you love. Modern or cozy.



Patio city courtyard by Lichten Craig

by Lichten Craig



















Creating something beautiful in a tight spot, a difficult spot is applause worthy. This foliage framed patio, accented with architectural details and filled to the brim with texture makes a passerby smile and the inhabitants grin with delight. The soft green brambles against the rough red brick is convenient magic and the masterful design is evident with the window pane grid, letting the outdoor and indoor mingle.



Beach bytravelovia

Beach bytravelovia

Perhaps you love the colors of the ocean. Pairing these soft blues with a neutral sand is a good thing. Explains why so many love the combination, it’s beautiful.

by Gil Schafer + Eve Ashcraft

by Gil Schafer + Eve Ashcraft

Patio by Jamie Durie

Patio by Jamie Durie

This is outdoor living with no protective covering which is what makes patio’s a think a bit more difficult.
Of course, if you are in a temperate climate and have nothing too hot, too cold or too breezy then
this would work. This might be a second option for a large property as well. It’s smart to make good use
of your green lawn, rather than an expansive property that needs mowing only. When you add seating areas
like this you can enjoy the space from afar and enjoy the actual space. Notice the architectural elements in this
space, despite it being ‘a patio’. The wall with the three arches, the tile pattern adding color, the stone floor,
even the box-like seating makes this space powerful in character. It is softened with the pillows, bouquet and the tall green hedge.