It’s not surprising that what makes the top ten list are those places considered safest! So hat’s off to Australia. Here are some reasons why: 59 Reasons Why Australia Best Place On Earth

Lots of good weather and they love the outdoors. So the interiors have to work hard. All surfaces. Floors and upholstery. Indoor/Outdoor fabric is very popular, leather and vinyl.  And tile or concrete floors. There is a certain minimalist style to what I have seen so far. They are a young country and aren’t tied to Europe the same way we were. Perhaps that is why I’m not finding much in the way of classical design. It might be they design spaces like their country, open and spacious. Young and unfettered. Housing is difficult. It’s at a premium. Australia does have the highest minimum wage, but it’s still difficult to find a home you can afford. They don’t expect this problem to go away anytime soon. More Aussie Design Inf coming your way! Blog Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday. Usually. Thank you for visiting. Please comment – enjoy your input.

Pru Roscoe Australian Design

by Lillian August for Hickory White


Talk about color! Blue is the dominant color. But there is orange and green and yellow. Lillian August Her Webpage for More Great Stuff  This is a great lesson, how-to for accessorizing a room. Blue is the basic, the foundation. Splashes of bright color keep the dark blue from becoming too much. The two white sofas also balance the blue chairs and blue walls. Accessorizing 101: Vases with flowers, the usual books on the cocktail table, pillows, animal prints, different tables of wood, glass and marble.

Carpet anyone! There is so much out there! It’s incredible. Any color you want. Any price range you want.
You can shop anywhere for inspiration and then go for what you can afford! Carpet can be confusing.
Here is a nice page. Learn More About Carpet

Carpet World at High Point Market


LR Moscow by ARCH.625 interiorzine

Modern Minimal Furniture

This room is designed so spectacularly and that from someone who adores pattern. It’s so white and immaculate, I worry that it can’t be lived in by anyone other an extremely anal individual,  careful and with meticulous living habits. So what design here is new? It is certainly inspirational. The sofas look like covered boxes which are opposite the sofa’s in New Design Ideas 2, which looked like velvet covered balloons. Design Ideas 2  The stone walls might be something you want to think about. The Lucite chairs, the natural wood dining table and bookcase.

There really is minimal texture in this room. Why does it work design wise? First we have to take our tolerances to a small and beautiful spot. There just isn’t any nubby, plump or soft furniture in this room. Oh yeah, the pillows. Thank god. Now look at the differences in the materials given these design constraints. Stone walls, Lucite chairs, warm wood grained table and bookcase, the abundant cotton seating, the soft linear drape. And let’s not forget the shiny floor. It looks like BM Bright White. This is probably part of the IMM Cologne Showroom. And no one does live here! But it’s full of great ideas!

Comfortable Furniture

We have a bit more of the velvet covered balloon sofa’s for our next Design Idea. This is the Plumy Collection from Lignet Roset, the same as the pink and blue sofas from Design Ideas 2. Click for more Lignet Roset Collection. Beautiful webpage and you get to meet the designers. 🙂 Depending on  where you are, this furniture is exciting or impossible. But that’s what we are talking about – something new. It can’t be a new idea if it’s always what we have known. And the benefits of trying something new? Shall we talk about the changes in fashion, the flapper, the midi, the peasant skirt, pointy shoes, platforms, mini-skirt, Nehru jackets? What if we were still wearing pantaloons and a bustle? Trying something new is fun, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding. We thrive on change! New Restaurant in town, New baby, New Movie, New Book, New Design!

Plumy Collection IMM Cologne interiorzine

Philippe Nigro Ligne Rose

This gorgeous furniture for your living room is by Italian Design House Lignet Roset. Ligne Roset Showroom Locator The room is by Designer Philippe Nigro.  These Ideas for your home are brand new ideas from the IMM Design Show in Cologne Germany. It certainly is a bit different. I would love to sit in it and I suppose I could have had I been there! Notice the modern twist to the seating but the classic wall treatment. We are reminded daily aren’t we of how tiny the world has become with knowledge, pictures and how-to available at the touch of a button.

This room works for so  many good design reasons.

1. The simple lines of the sofa are balanced with the architectural wall detailing and the parquet floor.

2.There is a high level of interest, of energy because of the contrast of the classic and modern elements.

3. The same with the contrasting color, the bright blue and the neutral walls.  Color Blocking. Still cutting edge design.

4. The wall mirror has captured a geometric ceiling pattern!  A beautiful design trick!


Our second room is Millennial Pink and the Designer is Maureen Stevens Design posted by Dering Hall. This soft pink was the color of the year a little bit back, but things come and go, taking their time. More About the Steadfastness of Millenial Pink

Why This Room Works:

1. The small repeat in the wallpaper allows for the great big pop of the mirror.

2. The repetition (mirror, chair band, table legs). of the gold make the room sing the same song.

3. The same with the touches of black again in three, the drapery, the sculptured mirror, and the hand art on the cocktail  table.

4. The icon pattern of the drape is a very repetitive pattern, but it mimics the city high-rise view. Another excellent Design Decision.

Who wouldn’t love this room? It’s Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Designer Maureen Stevens


Cole & Son Wallpaper

New Interior design Ideas from Cologne Germany – IMM:

I have tempted you here with talk of new recipes and new design ideas for your home.
Please enjoy yourself. I have a splendid time researching and writing about interior design just for you.
Please reply, comment and ask questions. The delightfully geometric patterned chair is in honor
of my upcoming recipe, fruit Salsa.

It was recommended to me a hundred years ago the value of trying something new. And I did
and I have never regretted it and have never been disappointed. Just the smallest change
can bring the sweetest find or delight. I will intersperse the recipe(s) with the latest and
greatest in rooms, furniture and wallpaper. Our interiors become fresh the same way when

New Recipe:

Mango’s are the center of attention this time. A gift of mangoes was presented to me. They were not
quite ripe and I was given careful instructions on where to store them and how to check for ripeness.
Store in a dark, cool place. (Not the refrigerator.) Soft to touch like a ripe avocado. And a faint
smell of sweetness at the stem.

by Archiplan Studio, Milan

I did all of the above. And now what to do with them? I knew that I didn’t want to sit and eat a Mango. God forbid! It was absolutely my first time.

Like cooking your first steak or blueberry pie. I went to my Cookbook Bible,  The Joy of Cooking. I knew I wanted to make a salsa or a chutney. This was the sort of sweet and savory concoction and I thought would be appropriate to serve next to the fish I had planned for dinner.

Ingredients: Onions, 1/4 cup lime juice, fruit such as mango, papaya, pineapple or peaches, red pepper cut into thin strips, cilantro, black beans and garlic. 1/4 cup of orange juice and one jalapeno seeded and finely chopped. This is so scrumptious. I served the salsa and fish with a baked sweet potato.

Room Divider or Gallery Wall:

These two rooms are complements of a post by Interiorzine about IMM Cologne. This is an International Interior Design Show in Cologne, Germany.
I love the melon wingback and I love the room divider screen that is a catch all. Is it somewhere between an organizer and a gallery? Of course, it doesn’t have to be decorated with what-not. It could be entirely free of decoration and be beautiful. But think of the opportunity to mix-it-up. Delight and surprise your family. Just like new recipes now and then! Try and Enjoy the Mango Salsa!


by Domino

Storage – Under the Stairs!
This arrangement teaches us a lot. About Storage. About making something pretty out of something that’s just a rubber boot. The value of adding a plant. The power of a mirror. Combining styles. Lamp cords are not awful. Vintage pieces are fabulous.  This under the stair niche is a great place to add storage. It’s optimizing space that is usually left unused. The space under the stairs should not be discounted when space is tight or storage is limited. Or should I say when you have too much to put away? We tend to hoard as a society. It might be good to review what we have – do we really need to keep it? A popular saying is “if you don’t love it – don’t keep it” Good advice.

Storage – Under the Bed!
I’m not a big fan of under the bed storage. Feng Shui believes that an open space is more conducive to a good energy flow. But I believe where space is so limited this is a good space. This bed has built-in drawers, but if this is not available, by all means use plastic containers that are see through or labeled nicely. This might be a rental, and the occupant doesn’t want to put holes in the wall for shelves or what is stored under the bed is not suitable for open storage. Each room, each home has it own unique storage configuration and solutions.

by domino


Steven Sclaroff

Pale Blue and Bright Red Living Room

You would never say this room’s color scheme is red, white and blue. There is so much gray and pale blue. Red is the accent color. The bright red sofa is the focal point. The spectacular red sculpture and the sofa on the window wall is perfection. The neutral drape tones the room a bit. This room is on the fence I think. Between calm and dynamite. Quite a nice feat for designer Schlaroff!

Blue and gray are the dominant colors. Dominant in the space they cover, but not dominant in the power they convey.

Pale Blue and Bright Red Bedroom

Our next room works with pale blue as well. And lots of neutrals. The bright red bunk bed is our focal point. The pale blue chair talks beautifully with the pale blue wall art. The red throw blankets at the end of the beds make a nice contribution. They give the bunk bed someone to talk to, the same as the chair and the art. The bunk bed becomes the accent and the focal point, the same as the red sofa above. Designing a great room is quite a big job.


by Madeleine Stuart


by Architectural Digest

Laminated Glass:

Laminated glass means that the glass won’t crack and splinter when impacted. CGI gives this description of laminated and insulated: “Laminated Hurricane Impact Resistant Glass is comprised of two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer. Laminated glass is the primary hurricane barrier used in impact resistant windows. Laminated glass is also used in the windshields of cars. Hurricane impact resistant [glass] products use a thicker sandwich of glass and special film interlayer to make the glass unit stronger. Laminated glass also eliminates 99% of UV rays, reduces noise transmission, provides enhanced security protection for your home, and reduces the air conditioning and heating portion of your energy bill.”

Insulated Glass:

“Insulated Laminated Glass adds an extra single pane of glass to the laminated glass unit with a hermetically sealed air space (or gas filled space) in between. This glass is generally more expensive but offers enhanced energy performance. The air or gas filled space serves as an insulator between the temperature difference that exists between the inside and the outside. Although it is more useful in colder climates, it does improve the performance of LoE coatings and in some cases architects or local building departments are requiring its use.”

LoE Glass:

LoE is Low Emissive and this is truly amazing! I’m just learning this so let me quote the experts.

LoE coatings are applied to the internal glass surface to separate heat energy (long wave) and light energy (short wave). The heat energy (long wave) is reflected back to the heat source and the short wave can pass through the coating. CGI offers high performance coatings on its insulated laminated products.” Low-E coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. read more  

So we can live in glass houses. Everyone can enjoy the view. Glass windows are a real treasure. Glass started out as the jewelry coating of beads. There is a naturally occurring glass, volcanic glass obsidian that Stone Age societies used for making sharp cutting tools. Glass making got a good start during the end of the Roman Empire. As most things it was a luxury item and then it became an everyday luxury.


A Bamo Design

by Sagrera Brazil Design


Window Walls:

Window Walls were not available until the industrial age and plate glass making processes were perfected.

Fenestration is not common lay terminology. The building trades use it because fenestration includes all openings to a home, whether doors or windows. The word originates circa “1870 in the anatomical sense, noun of action from Latin fenestrare, from fenestra “window, opening for light,” perhaps from Etruscan. Meaning “arrangement of windows” is from 1846.” Dictionary.com

Thermal Windows:

From plate glass we moved on to thermal glass, layered glass that provides a protective barrier against hot and cold.

“High thermal resistance can be obtained by evacuating or filling the insulated glazing units with gases such as argon or krypton, which reduces conductive  heat transfer due to their low thermal conductivity. Performance of such units depends on good window seals and meticulous frame construction to prevent entry of air and loss of efficiency.” Wikipedia

A window allows light, a breeze and a view to penetrate our homes. We are happier with these blessings and so is our nursery, if we are so inclined. Plants, puppies or children.

The light from a picture window is good for this oasis.

by Designer Lucas Allen

Windows with a View:
What is your house made of? Wood, Concrete and Steel frame are the most popular. This is important when considering what kind of windows and installation options are available to you. The inner structure is sealed. Well I have skipped a huge part of the process. I mean to say when you build a house, the frame is complete – you need to weatherproof, insulate, make it air tight and moisture resistant with Tyvek. When you complete one step you need to insure that it is secure. Like a new window needs caulking. I’m not an expert on windows or anywhere near one. But I appreciate the complexity of a building and the many necessary details that make a house a dependable structure. I always work with a team of experts. And I’m reminded of these details because of the CEU I enjoyed last week. 🙂

Glass window walls (below) are popular and beautiful. Insulated against hot and cold.

We could spend some time on design style – where I am an expert! Our first room is very organic. The view, the rough accessories of timber at the end of bed and the flower pot stands. The nubby carpet fabric and soft relaxed bedding make you feel outdoorsy. Rumpled.  The large window and consequent view make you a part of nature.

Modern City View:

There is not the same nubby content is this room. (below) Square furnishings mimic the square structures outside. Again, bringing the outdoor in. A city view is as spectacular as a forest primeval. Mystery and allure is around every corner, the same as it is lurking behind every tree. Window design and installation for a small building is I’m sure a different matter entirely than a small residential building. But we want to be warm and dry in either.

by Terrat Elms Design