by Pantone Purple Bodacious

This is a very sophisticated lavender room. (above) The two lilac chairs are not alone in making a shout-out! The Leopard print chair, the yellow telephone, the bright white walls. The navy blue lamp shade, really? This room is retro, eclectic, vintage. It’s classically layered to create I’ve been here a long time, it declares a lived in, someone loves me look. I think the only new thing in it is the Navy Lamp Shade! It’s definitely a lavender room. The two chairs are the focal point. Dare I mention the tangle of computer cords and the leggy green plant? Outstanding! See More Violet Ideas  from Apartment Therapy.

This violet seating goes Vroom Vroom! (below) Is there anything you don’t love about this seating area? If the table were a different height it’s a dining room. The violet seating, the window treatment, the chandelier, make this room very dynamic. Very seductive, in a not so shy, here I am, don’t you love me? kinda way. The charcoal wall is balanced with the white trim, chandelier and window treatment and carpet.

The shapes in the room are curvaceous. The tufted violet chairs, the curved chandeliers, the three dimensional window treatment, the art has headlights peering at you, the curved chair legs mimic the coffee table curved legs in the opposite, convex, concave way. Brilliant!

by Designer Carey Karlan


by Country Living

Putting up three or more guests:

Hasn’t someone put on their thinking cap for this guestroom design? College friends, Cousins, Sisters, an entire family can be put up very comfortably in this perfectly outfitted guestroom.

Everyone has what they need. Private lighting, Private storage, Their own bed. A place to put their cup of coffee or glass of water. What a difference personal art, or a collage of art makes doesn’t it? A hotel room plants a great big something on the wall and I usually love it – but when something like this is so personal – so individual it feels more thoughtful doesn’t it?

Teeny Tiny Guest Room

This small room (below) used to be the kitchen pantry. So we have a good idea of how small it is. What does size matter? If the room is clean, comfortable and pretty. Keeping the walls white and decorating with light colors is smart. It gives the impression of light and airy despite the closet- size of the room. Having a room of your own, is a great blessing, considering you might be on the living room sofa. I always sleep really good on the sofa!

Please let us know what you think of these ideas! Perhaps you have ones you would like to share!


Gridly_Graves Country Living

After by Southern Revivals

Isn’t this before and after a knock-out?

It’s hard to believe this transformation
is the same room. Many times an unused
room becomes a junk room. It’s better if we can make all rooms valuable.  Usable and pretty.

Renovation Costs:

You do reduce a lot of the cost if you
do some or all of the work yourself.
The job does seem overwhelming but start
at the beginning, take it in steps. This was the case with this make-over.
You do have to clean up and prep the room to make it ready for a fresh design.

The designer put lathe on the walls to make an interesting pattern. Not too much work nor too much money. Used bright white paint. Remember when budgeting a job, there is demolition,  materials and installation. Three layers of cost. Afterwards there is new furniture, and new accessories. It’s good to be aware of all the costs – so you don’t get discouraged halfway there. You can plan from the beginning how you want to handle the schedule and then there will be no surprises.

Existing Materials:

The carpet seems to be the same (existing) as do the side tables and chest at the end of the bed. Working with what you have is always a good way to lower the budget.

The new contrasting black swing-arm wall lamps provide a crisp contrast for all the white.
The dark dresser repeats the same dark tone as the bed reading lamps. The colorful bed pillows provided a nice pop against the bright white.


I add the next after picture (below) to demonstrate the need for storage. You need a place to put things. To put things away. This second picture also demonstrates how easily it is to freshen or update your room, by changing the bed accessories. Here a blue blanket is used
as a runner. Do this seasonally. After you do a thorough cleaning and want to make the room ‘different’. Love the house you’re in!

After by Southern Revivals


Doot Doot Doot Restaurant in Australia


This is Chef Guy’s New Restaurant in Melbourne Australia. The ceiling boasts ten thousand globes of amber glass. This is the Jackalope Hotel. Maybe you want to book this for dinner next week? Bravo! Australian lighting designer, Jan Flook. The inspiration for the fabulous lighting affair? The bubbles caused by wine fermentation! And Doot Doot Doot boasts a 1200-bottle wine cellar.  click for more details

More Great Restaurants? Restaurant 33 Greenwich in NYC boasts New Orleans southern cooking. Dessert first? Or breakfast as good as dessert? Fabulous design by Kelly Framel, The Glamourai. This moving still live mural is by Kelly Marie Beeman.

Kelly Framel_The Glamourai_33 Greenwich NYC

I love red white and blue and so does 33 Greenwich! So much style – I definitely would have to go around three times, maybe more to savor all these beautiful details. See more Glamourai Design Remember NYC is the place to be seen. Don’t you just want to be there? So much to see and do. Worthy of many fabulous explorative design journeys.


Restaurant 33 Greenwich NYC

by Skona hem posted by Apartmenttherapy

Adding wallpaper to a large room is a fabulous way to bring cozy into the picture. Of course it doens’t have to say cozy, but the room will become more approachable, liveable and visual.

If you pick the wrong wallpaper, that would magnify or emphasize the large room – so do work with a professional. See what this designer has done to decorate a large room? The neutral color of the wallpaper draws you in, the same with the soft bedding and the grid art display. Again the carpet defines the bed – which is the focal point. The two lamp sconces are like exclamation point! Very prettily done.

The painted white floor and white sheets offset the deep blue and browns. Very important to have enough of everything that makes a room perfect. It’s not a rigid formula, and there are a lot of way to make things work.


by homedit

Having large furniture for a large room is the easiest way to decorate a large room. These sectionals do take up a lot of room – so they are perfect. This is a minimalist room, very modern. We could say this is color blocking, large splashes of color, the white sofas, the black cocktail table. Color blocking is the opposite of blending or repeating your colors. The use of texture in this room is minimal but effective. Remember you may not like this style, but it is still very good. Many people don’t like ‘things’ they make them feel claustrophobic – this is serenity for them. This means organization and comfort. It does free up the mind. Well we know it makes many people happy but not everybody. This is why we need to know who we are and what we like.

When working virtually you are dependent on good communication. And this can be via the phone, email, texting or skyping. I’m sure there are other methods – but those are the ones I’m current with. So much can be communicated with pictures, but I always find it difficult to help others appreciate the value of an inspiration file. An inspiration file helps you learn what your style is. So let’s say you don’t gather inspiration pictures, a designer needs to know who you are and what you like. What do you love to do? What are your hobbies? What do you do for vacation? What are your favorite restaurants? If you were to collect pictures of your favorite places, favorite things, favorite ties, it would become apparent that you like strong colors, that you are formal or casual. That you are a little bit funky. That you are entirely classic. You would see the ‘threads’ repeat themselves through the pictures you have collected.

This is a picture from this client’s inspiration file. Do you see the similarities? Strong colors? Straight lines. Not casual – not too formal. Architectural details that are a vibrant. The trapezoid windows surrounded by an old brick, the glass half wall at the top of the bannisterless staircase.

Mood Board for Powder Room 2640

It’s difficult in such a small space to add such striking details, but we have done a good job. The five inch base molding. The striking lighting. The large red window shade that shouts ‘hello!’. The diamond floor pattern. The sconces and the oval mirror are the cats meow. I do want to highlight the importance of updating the hardware at renovation times. Toilet paper holders that pivot. Industrial lighting is still very popular. Placing something classic next to something trendy, like the industrial lighting and the mirror add excitement to the mix, ,making this small utilitarian room fun. I usually have options. I did decide on the sconce with the shade. But you always need a back-up.


And last but not least here is the specification for all the pieces that make this bathroom dream come true. I did divide this into a good, better, best affair. Let me know and I will send you a copy! Send me the room you need help with! Make the world beautiful, one room at a time.

by Ruthie Sommers HB

Ruthie Sommers HB

From Simple to Sumptuous. Window treatments can be handled any which way.
Depending on your style and depending on your budget. These are linen drapes.
They are somewhere between simple and sumptuous. The harlequin patterned floor
ands to the grandeur of the room. The sleight puddle the drape makes on the floor indicates bounty.

This is really a serious ‘break’ not a serious puddle. The peachy-salmony drapery color brings a sense of humor,
a lightness to this otherwise serious foyer. The same with the little pillow. The serious floor pattern, the traditional pedestal, the large room and window are grand. The designer has really made a lovely balance between these two extremes. Making the room completely comfortable and welcoming. It’s important to remember that all the elements in the room are important, the window, the drape, the floor pattern, accessories, pattern – all together make a room that is compelling, or moody, romantic, whatever style you are aiming for.

by Lou Marotta

This is quite a different window treatment. It’s important and smart to dress your windows depending on the style of your home and even the location should be a factor. By the beach or in the city. This is probably a cottage in New England. And this simple swing-arm curtain is entirely appropriate. The room gets it’s power from the unusual swing arm rod and the very presence of four windows all in a row dressed this way! The draped bust is whimsical and the plump pillows say dive in. The swing arm light adds a punch and I’m sure is vital when curled up with a good book. Speaking of mood, do you see the difference between these two rooms. Very different, both beautiful.

by Tria Giovan

This is from a post calling our Zen space, a corner of calm. How delightful is that? When we use a corner, we have nested, there is some privacy. It even might be appropriate to designate this space as yours. Defining it as yours with your favorite things, such as your guitar would be perfect. Whatever you do to escape, to calm yourself could be great decorating objects de art. A basket filled with your yarn, a stack of books. Objects that inspire you. Art that inspires you.

by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Natural light that can be modified with a curtain or shade is great. With this beautiful window and view it might be nice to tone down the brightness of the afternoon sun. Alternatives are important, perhaps you start or end your day with quiet time, then you would need soft lighting. Candles are always welcome but we always need to be careful.

With both these examples do you see how we are defining our space, creating a boundary? We could do this with time as well. This is mommie’s from five to six in the morning and daddie’s from five to six in the evenings.

There is a great deal learned from establishing boundaries and then maintaining them. Respect for another’s time and space. Taking care of your own ‘mess’ so the one after you has room to play, meditate or work.

A tablet for recording any beautiful thoughts or conclusions is a great idea as well. When we clear our mind through meditation, we allow room for important matters to surface.

Notice both rooms have fresh flowers or live plants. Both have comfortable seating. Another reason for pillows curtains and carpet, it makes the space soft – physically and acoustically. Many experts for a long time have espoused the value of quiet time each day. Time to reflect. Time to prioritize. Down time from the busyness of life. Hope your Oasis is beautiful and comforting.



by rectangledesigninc

I can’t say I save the best for last, because honest to God, every room is so perfect. This room is quite a stunner, I have to admit. The symmetrical arrangement of sofa’s and the two black urns with a triangle coffee table are simplicity, like one and one is two. But the value of this room is so much more than those easily repeated elements. The textured wall and floor add a huge amount of vitality. The window wall and glass enclosed staircase are magic. The chandelier is the glitter every room needs. Simplicity reflects thoughtful, careful and thorough design and the subsequent beautiful results.

by Olia Paliichuk

by Olia Paliichuk

I found these bedrooms on – For more great ideas click here. Such a sweetheart of a room, yet such a perfect aesthetic. I’m glad I was poking around and located these gorgeous, out of the norm children’s rooms. Who wouldn’t be proud to say, this is mine! and happy to share? Having a lovely room must be some motivation to keep it tidy and pretty. That pale blue closet space is where all the clothes and toys necessary to make a child happy are located. Definitely proof of parental love.