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Foyer – Light & Bright
Staying light and bright is refreshing after the warmer colors of winter. The same with textures, lighter fabrics are better than velvets. This is a huge generalization, there are no rules. Changing things around a bit does make for a surprise, an ‘oh my isn’t that pretty!’ Once you start thinking about change – you will see things in an entirely different light. What looks good in this room, may be fantastic in another.

This pretty entry can easily be updated. Change the lamps, change the boots, change the pillows.

Bedroom – Light & Bright
The bedroom below with all of the bright white is decorated simply fabulously. The dark bed against all the white is perfection. Count the different patterns in this room! Even though there is only one color, there is a ton of pattern and texture. The shutters, the pillows, the flowers, the different side tables, the bowl with extra linens. This is a brilliant composition. Love What You Come Home To!

Designer: Woo


Red Dining Room:

This strong Cranberry Red Dining Banquette is perfectly gorgeous. (above) It’s not something you can change your mind about, but why would you? Now if red is not your color, then you do have to do something about it. But if you installed this built-in, I’m sure Red is Your Favorite Color! Why this red works even though you can’t easily  change your mind about it: The room is neutral except for this one strong piece. Balance is maintained. Serenity is maintained. When a room is pop-full-of-color, it’s still beautiful, but carries with it that much energy as well.

The dining room carries quite a bit of Zen quality to it. Here’s why:  1. The Red is not a bright red, 2. Plentiful neutrals (floor, walls, chairs, art)  3. The straight lines of the room, the geometric pattern of the chandelier, the repeated tufts – pattern make this room soothing. Quiet despite the red. (!)

Blue Bedroom:

Quite the opposite with this blue bedroom. It’s full of energy! (below) The blue is strong. Almost a Ceruleun, but maybe a bit of green in there as well. Blue and Red are complimentary colors as well, opposite each other on the color wheel, which adds energy, excitement to the room as well. Red is passion  – so it does work in the bedroom. Depending on  who you are. This could be a guest room, if this is a bit too much for every day use, but just right for the weekend guest!

The white ceiling, window treatments and bedding are doing their part to balance the strong wall color. The light blue carpet acts as a neutral, but doesn’t look  out of place as a tweedy rattan might. Although that might tie in with the chandelier, but then this room is relatively formal and that’s another good reason why we don’t  want the a casual rattan.


by Designer Lindsey Coral


Another Red & White Bedroom:

The bedroom  below is adding strong  color in one very  important place. The Floor. It’s the  foundation of your room! It’s a great place to start. It’s a great place for an heirloom. Keeping everything else white makes the room easy. Again depending on your style. If you love color and pattern this might not be for you. You might love Lindsey Coral’s bedroom above. Any style to fit everyone!

by Designer Jennifer Robbins

by Elle Decor

Adding Color to Your Home. A Dream Come True.

This would be a fantastic Design project for the  New Year 2018, introducing a new color into your home! This is Pantone’s Color for 2018. This purple is an exciting color, difficult to work with because it’s a strong color. It’s not navy, which is so classic it’s considered a neutral. But even there Navy, is a dark color and you need to be prepared for it. Adding lots of white.

Do you have a wish list? Is it mental or written down? Writing dreams down on paper helps to make them come true. Putting it on paper, makes it more concrete. Posting it where you can see it everyday keeps it in the forefront of your mind. You will notice purple more, see it in new ways, quiet ways – strong ways. Maybe you can add a pillow for a start. Buy a purple set of dinnerware! Purple art in a neutral room. I’m using lilac as examples. (Below) You can see how adding color doesn’t have to be a wallop like above. Try one of these ways to add softer color to one of your room! (below)

Multiple Ways to Make Dreams  Come True.

Figure one is by Froghill Design. Figure two by our favorite Pottery Barn. Figure 3 by Santo Pietro Design. This Living Room is a beautiful blend of colors. So much  you are not sure what is real and what is being reflected. The art  is a dreamy pinky purple, lavender. Figure two  you might miss the lilac,  purple pillows they are so soft. But it’s a very nice  addition to the room. Figure three, the lilac is in  the wallpaper and in the bench seating at  the end of the bed. If you don’t want  wallpaper or palm trees, a  pale lilac wall color would  be perfect. So pale it’s almost white, or one  or  two  notches  above that. Dream in color? Dream with soft lilac or bold purple? Go for it! xoxo Lynda

by Nicole Franzen

The Water Element’s colors are blue and black. Blue is famous for being calming, a view of the water calms us, relaxes us. The blues of this living room (above) make it a very welcoming room, comfortable.

Design Constraints:

Feng Shui philosophophy encourages us to place things, to have things that will allow energy to flow through the room. The energy is turned up with the bright white ceiling, and globe chandelier. The greens, the potted plant and the vase of fresh flowers are a nice addition as well. Green is the earth’s color the archetype, peacemaker. So the room is Feng Shui Balanced with those three energies,  water – metal – earth. A bit of wood with the coffee table. I’m a bit worried about the doors that are blocked by the sofa. That blocks the flow of energy. Not seeing all four walls prevents us from making a hundred percent accurate review of the room. The fireplace seems to have the hearth closed, that too makes me wonder. A fireplace is a good way to add energy but with it closed, it might be purely decorative or a non-working flu. I have to say there needs to be a few adjustments to this  room to create a better energy flow. There is a lot of great design in this living room, The blues are beautiful, the seating is perfect for entertaining. The blue and white combination is classic. The globe lighting, the sculpture and intricate fireplace are fantastic focal points. Click for more Feng Shui Tips

Designers Dream Room:

The amount of white in this bedroom (below) make it a Metal Room, the Alchemist. The black bedframe is the water element. The green bouquet is earth, the peacemaker. The wood floor and other furnishings are the pioneer. This room is nicely balanced Feng Shui. Can you see the difference between these two rooms? Doesn’t the first room just make you feel stuck, restricted? There is not a good flow. You do feel restricted. These are constraints that make designing a room such a difficult job. With a view like the one in the bedroom below, there are few problems. Hats off to all designers!

Design by Woo


by Inhabitliving

Pioneer: Feng Shui Wood Element

We will end our 2017 Blog Posts with the Feng Shui archetype, the Pioneer. This the wood element. It really means trees. [to me] This stunning paneled wall (above) has become the feature wall. The Chevron pattern is energetic despite the somber colors. A Pioneer leads the way into new territory. Let’s all be pioneers for the New Year! Lead the way with kindness, compassion, love and generosity. This room could use a bit of fire, and perhaps more metal. Perhaps red books and a red lamp? Maybe a pillow. Pink might works as well, a bright pink, fuchsia. The room is perfect as it is, but if you wanted to change things up – perhaps dress it up for a party, those might be good options.

Pioneer Colors: Green & Brown

This living room (below) has a very nice mix of woods, the bookcase, the floor, the coffee table and the bench. It’s perfect Feng Shui  with the green plants. Remember The Urban Jungle is a very popular! Click for More Information!  Having plants is like having kids or pets. They need tending. You have to find their sweet spot. Every plant is different from the other. They do love company!

Wood represents growth. Trees are always reaching for the stars. Stable and growing. Wood is a healing element. I haven’t figured out quite why – other than it’s spiritual or symbolic qualities. Click to Read More  So if you believe we are part of the same universe this does make good sense. Trees and plants are vibrant and add health, decisiveness, wealth and prosperity to your room and you! Happy New Year! We will continue the New Year with the Alchemist and the Philosopher. Metal and Water respectively.

by freshdesignmedia

feng shui energy by homedit

This is a high energy room, (above) thanks go to the gorgeous red comfy sofas. Red usually says it all. And red along with pink and purple are high energy Feng shui colors.  The plush, non-conforming sofas say come and join me! The room is balanced with the dark floor, which represents water. The wood framed windows nurture the fire. Feng Shui art/science blends seamlessly with Design Principles. The softness and non-conformity of the seating are balanced by the square pattern of the floor and coffee table. Really almost every other item in the room is a straight line. Which makes the room work, or the energy flow. Do you think this is a Wizard’s Room? Wizards represent the Feng Shui Fire Element.

Let’s contrast the high energy living room that boasts red with a bedroom (below) that is soothing and still has a medium amount of red. The below bedroom falls in the Metal Element. White and gray are the colors of the Feng Shui element, Metal. The soft furnishings, carpet, drapes, sofa make the room inviting. Both are using red with completely different results, don’t you think?


by Pantone Purple Bodacious

This is a very sophisticated lavender room. (above) The two lilac chairs are not alone in making a shout-out! The Leopard print chair, the yellow telephone, the bright white walls. The navy blue lamp shade, really? This room is retro, eclectic, vintage. It’s classically layered to create I’ve been here a long time, it declares a lived in, someone loves me look. I think the only new thing in it is the Navy Lamp Shade! It’s definitely a lavender room. The two chairs are the focal point. Dare I mention the tangle of computer cords and the leggy green plant? Outstanding! See More Violet Ideas  from Apartment Therapy.

This violet seating goes Vroom Vroom! (below) Is there anything you don’t love about this seating area? If the table were a different height it’s a dining room. The violet seating, the window treatment, the chandelier, make this room very dynamic. Very seductive, in a not so shy, here I am, don’t you love me? kinda way. The charcoal wall is balanced with the white trim, chandelier and window treatment and carpet.

The shapes in the room are curvaceous. The tufted violet chairs, the curved chandeliers, the three dimensional window treatment, the art has headlights peering at you, the curved chair legs mimic the coffee table curved legs in the opposite, convex, concave way. Brilliant!

by Designer Carey Karlan



Violet & Neutrals:

Decorating with Violet. Violet is combination of red and blue, which makes it difficult.  The balance is what’s difficult. Red is a strong color, Blue is more palatable.  Depending on what you add things will sparkle and shine or be not quite right.  So adding one lilac, violet, lavender in a room that is completely neutral except for one piece, sofa, chair, carpet makes it doable, livable. (above) The purple geometric pattern in the carpet is color repetition which makes for cohesiveness. The blue chair works, because blue is a component of purple. They are related.  More from Pantone

Violet, Violet, Everywhere:

Now we go to a room that is enveloped in lilac, violet, lavender. So many pretty names. When you color your walls with such a vivacious color, you go from safe to adventuresome! Remember we decorate with who we are. Are you adventuresome and yet you decorate with neutrals? It may be you need that balance.  Think about violet, lilac, lavender is this who you really are? Do you want to express yourself, share yourself with others? Why not try violet, lilac or lavender?

by Designer David Kaihoi HB

Designner Jessica Stam _ Elle Decor

Decorating with Violet in Big Way:
Decorating with violet is pretty. Pretty tough. Pretty brave. Pretty Pretty. You have to adore the color if you put it in a room that you are in all the time. Like the living room above. If you are just stretching your arms with color, put a new color idea in a small room, one that you are not in often, like a second bathroom.

Violet doesn’t work like blue which is so popular it works like a neutral. This living room is using violet monochromatically. It is the only color in the room, and the violet pretty much stays a pastel. The entire envelope of the room is violet. Four walls and the drapery. The neutral chairs take the top off – so it becomes more readable, more accessible. To the viewer, to the visitor, to the one who loves the room.

Decorating with Violet in Big Way, Safe Way:

Adding color with an accessory, the bedspread (below) is a safe way, easier way to add a difficult color to your room, accent with that color. The beautiful neutrals  in this room work with the violet bedspread. It might not be that the color is difficult. It might be that you prefer neutrals and want just a bit of color. Notice the variety of neutrals in the room. Creamy sheers, chambeige walls, coffee dresser, expresso headboard, gray, silver carpet. The violet vase is a good reminder of the importance of repetition. Repeating the same color, makes the room feel ‘collected, cohesive. The same way the creamy sheers tie the chambeige walls together. 

The Violet, although the main attraction, has a great deal of assistance from all the neutrals, beautiful in themselves. Let me know how you feel about color, violet or whatever your favorite color is, whatever you dream about. xoxo Lynda

by Bloomingdales


by Country Living

A lot of work:

The Christmas Tree signifies the extra work for this room. Also the small vignette of Christmas trees on the night stand. Small, thoughtful details make for good design. Changing the bed linens on your memory foam mattress and hanging the wreath make a complete Holiday Picture. A lot of this decor depends on how much storage you have. How ready you are to have an assortment of different bed linens depending on the season or the holiday. Are your Christmas trees fresh or are they stored? Are the pillow covers changed out, now that would be an awesome way to creatively change the room without using up a lot of space. Wayfair has a ton of pillow covers. Holiday Pillows @ Wayfair

A little work:

Now for another minimally decorated bedroom. (below) This canopy bed has draped green foliage and hanging stars and that’s all that is needed to make this a decorated bedroom. It’s a rustic styled bedroom and it has stayed that way with the casual greens draped over the canopy. The stars are easy to hang with fishing line. See more @ Great Christmas Bedrooms

This really gets the wheels turning doesn’t it?  Which room that you don’t usually decorate can use one of these decor ideas? Wouldn’t it be fun to do at least the guest bedroom, especially if you are having guests for the holiday! Have a very merry Holiday!

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