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Guest Room Necessities:

Having guests is a lot of work, but also great fun. Like Christmas and Halloween and Back to School.This ‘makeshift’ guest bedroom is where we left off in Thursday’s, Beautiful Interiors. (BI 9.28.2017) This bed (above) might be an air mattress or foam.

1. The art on the side wall is a home project and darling.

2. Having greens, live foliage in your rooms always add so much to any room.

The Florida season starts in October and goes through May. June through September we are left to swelter on our own! Whether you have a big house with three guest rooms or you have one guest room that doubles as an office you want your guests to be comfortable and happy.

That means the room needs to be pretty and supplied with necessary supplies. I remembered one thing I didn’t put on the ‘have to’ list in BI!

3. A bouquet of flowers! Yes.

4. I also like to leave a note giving some information that might not be obvious, like where the towels are, where the hamper is, what time morning coffee is ready.

5. A basket with essential vanity items is nice as well, toothpaste, a toothbrush, comb, shampoo, soap. Bottled soap is much better than bar soap.

Designated Guest Room:

Here we have a guest room that is THE  guest room. Do you see what attention is given to both guest rooms regarding prettiness and this both times despite the budget? Whether a minimal budget or a generous budget we can always do pretty.

by Country Living

Simple design, colorful, and a theme that resonates with the child. Good Design for a child’s room.
This blue wall and white floor can morph easily into a pre-school and early grades.

  1. A fun bed makes them want to be there. To sleep, read, play.
  2. Snuggle factor, whether fuzzy blankets or a favorite cuddle toy
  3. Books are good, you can read them, then they can read them!
  4. Fun Night Light. Let the room glow when you close the door!
  5. Color. Color. Color. If you don’t know this yet, color makes you happy!

Doot Doot Doot Restaurant in Australia


This is Chef Guy’s New Restaurant in Melbourne Australia. The ceiling boasts ten thousand globes of amber glass. This is the Jackalope Hotel. Maybe you want to book this for dinner next week? Bravo! Australian lighting designer, Jan Flook. The inspiration for the fabulous lighting affair? The bubbles caused by wine fermentation! And Doot Doot Doot boasts a 1200-bottle wine cellar.  click for more details

More Great Restaurants? Restaurant 33 Greenwich in NYC boasts New Orleans southern cooking. Dessert first? Or breakfast as good as dessert? Fabulous design by Kelly Framel, The Glamourai. This moving still live mural is by Kelly Marie Beeman.

Kelly Framel_The Glamourai_33 Greenwich NYC

I love red white and blue and so does 33 Greenwich! So much style – I definitely would have to go around three times, maybe more to savor all these beautiful details. See more Glamourai Design Remember NYC is the place to be seen. Don’t you just want to be there? So much to see and do. Worthy of many fabulous explorative design journeys.


Restaurant 33 Greenwich NYC

Steven Sclaroff

Pale Blue and Bright Red Living Room

You would never say this room’s color scheme is red, white and blue. There is so much gray and pale blue. Red is the accent color. The bright red sofa is the focal point. The spectacular red sculpture and the sofa on the window wall is perfection. The neutral drape tones the room a bit. This room is on the fence I think. Between calm and dynamite. Quite a nice feat for designer Schlaroff!

Blue and gray are the dominant colors. Dominant in the space they cover, but not dominant in the power they convey.

Pale Blue and Bright Red Bedroom

Our next room works with pale blue as well. And lots of neutrals. The bright red bunk bed is our focal point. The pale blue chair talks beautifully with the pale blue wall art. The red throw blankets at the end of the beds make a nice contribution. They give the bunk bed someone to talk to, the same as the chair and the art. The bunk bed becomes the accent and the focal point, the same as the red sofa above. Designing a great room is quite a big job.


by Madeleine Stuart


by Haver & Skolnick Architects

Decorating with intense Red, White and Blue

Decorating with strong colors is not for the faint hearted or the chambeige crowd. This is where we left off in our Thursday Newsletter. Click here to get a great start! BI #272 Decorating with Red, White and Blue

The blue and red are not quite the same as the ‘red, white and blue’. However, this is a gorgeous bedroom. Working with strong colors and colors that are complementary requires a deft hand and eye. There is an abundance of neutrals in this room to offset the strong colors. The wall and ceiling color, the hardwood floor, the window treatment and the bedding.

The carpet pattern is very three dimensional isn’t it and it quite likes to remind you doesn’t it? It’s fun. Blue and red/ are fabulous colors. Blue is a cool color and red is warm, again the contrast.

Living Room Pale Blue and Pale Red:
When decorating with a pale blue and pale red, pink there is no feeling of patriotism nor is there a high energy emanating from the soft pieces. The art now is powerful and so we see a balance. Not everyone is fighting for center stage. The art has is the focal point no two ways about it. But this is a modification of red, white and blue. And you can see the value of toning your colors down, what a difference it makes. The room becomes more sedate, comfortable. The mood has changed quite drastically from our bedroom at the top. Decorating your room, picking out a color scheme determines what mood you create. What a fun job! Not having fun? Call for help:)

Alan Design Studio

by apartment therapy

Masculine Bedding:

This bed wants to be made nice and tidy. The bed clothes are a simple comforter and four pillows. The wheels are really the fantastic thing about this bedroom. There are brakes. Thank goodness. Daniel or David sleeps here; I think he is quite happy. He loves his bedroom, do you? The designed vignette of airplane photo, the oversized alphabet letter D and the abacus are making quite a dramatic focal point (not the bedding). The boring bedding helps you fall safely asleep and take off wild and crazy in your dreams.  The red drape and the red D are adding good color. Masculine, Handsome and Fun!

Feminine Bedding:

Now the below bed clothes are quite another matter. The bedding is the focal point. A powerful pink wall, but let’s concentrate on the bedding. The pink is there in a big way and that’s why the wall is covered with bright fuchsia. Dramatic blue-green pendant lighting on either side of bed the bedspread has a paler version of the bright aqua. Oh, yes and the square ottomans at the foot of the bed.  This is quite a darling composition and I’m sure the woman in this room is delighted every time she comes home.


Design Ideas posted by woo

Posted by freshome Design by Thorp UK

This bedroom is tidy. It has been designed for children. It is tough job to keep things this tidy, but teaching children to put things away is very smart. Having a place, enough space for the toys, games, books is good design.
Thinking, planning well in advance is very important in having a space that looks so good, because everything is put away. Beautiful doesn’t happen all by itself.

These entry doors are awesome. The huge glass windows and fantastic view are doing their part as well. Good design again means that you need less to make a statement as the line is making the statement for you. The square windows, the rectangle glass for the door. And then the thoughtful, important texture. I don’t see a place to hang your hat, but then again I’m sure this is the front door for guests. We have been talking about editing. Editing for summer. Making less appealing. Cooler, lighter, brighter. I think we have done a very good job. Enjoy your summer!

posted by freshome- Design by Jaffa Group


by fabweb

This bathroom design is crisp and clean. Tidy. It is designed beautifully. I have heard these tubs called sculpture and I have to agree. There is nothing to distract your eye from the beautiful line. The heat of summer is far away. The curves of the tub, sinks and faucets are enough. The straight lines of the floor mirror frame and molding allow your eye to move along smoothly. The soft towels. The fabulous variety of texture make this simplicity enough.  You travel with your eye and your mind somewhere restful and peaceful just as pictured in the standing trees. Where is the soap? Do you fold the towel each time you use it? This is not  a place that ‘looks lived in’ I will grant you that. But it looks mighty fine. Being able to appreciate a room with all of our senses is fabulous design.

by Blakes of London

Many of us would be aghast with this almost blank wall and floor and perhaps this is extreme editing. It is an excellent example of having a place for everything and everything in its place. Good Design! We can’t do without things – a lot of things, but we do need a place for them. We can’t accumulate without ever tossing the old, battered, forgotten, too big or too small. Housekeeping is a constant.




Designers: Fitzgibbons and Ford

This is the Kips Bay opulent room I referenced as neutral in LLI Beautiful Interiors this week.  We are going to look at specific design details that turn these rooms to wonderful.  As far opposite neutral as you can get.
This room is by Designers Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford

We did mention the purple sofa and blue coffee table. What about art over the fireplace? I saved that for right now!

Doesn’t that pop you out of neutral? Notice the drapes and the urn on the round foyer table. They are 100% traditional  and expected. Even the carpet is great but it’s not breathtaking. Add one or two wow pieces and it takes your room to a whole new level. The small timber in the fireplace are gilded! Small touches – important touches. The gold chandelier leads the way with gold accessories.

Designer: Ken Fulk

Let’s go to Designer Ken Fulk’s vibrant Dining Room. Here is the fireplace and dining table.  When you look at the room as a whole, it does appear to be blue and green. Reviewing carefully you appreciate how much green is in the room. The wallpaper background is a soft blue and does a great deal to soothe your yikes of the strong green. The neutral floor is also doing a great job of balancing these strong colors, green blue and pink.

We review these trendy, design savvy rooms with you to inspire you. To learn how we might add some of this exciting energy, this savvy design to our own rooms. We said in our BI newsletter to ‘throw out fear’. There is no need to behave or play it safe when creating rooms we love. You do want to create a room you can live in 24/7. You do want a room that reflects you and your family. But what about a piece of outrageous art or drapes in some color or pattern you adore? Go for it!

by Ken Fulk

Krista Ewart HB


Colors of the Sea and Boardwalk:

If you are in love with bright color and lots of color – this might be for you. This room is more like the boardwalk by the sea. Bright and cheerful colors bouncing about, everything and everyone smiling – happy with the sunshine, the water and the crowd. Designing with color does take a certain finesse. If you don’t have a knack for it, follow the pattern of a pretty picture like this or ask for help. Keeping all the colors in the same hue, same levels of intensity, make this work. The focal point, this bouquet of art over the sofa, has all the colors in the room, this is an excellent way to create a stunning room.

Ocean Blue Kitchen:

Blue in the kitchen is nice. (below) It’s definitely light-hearted, if it is this beautiful pale blue. If its teal or navy it takes on a entirely different character. The trend is to have painted cabinets like this, wood tone cabinets are not quite as pretty or statement making. The wood toned cabinets are the expected and long popular – it’s time for a change!


The huge shell is making quite the counter statement. The white coral in the upper cabinets is also adding to the coastal theme. It’s not a lot of chatzke, but very minimal and quite enough to make a handsome statement. The flowers in the sink become necessary. For pictures sake and your eye and design wise. The form of the flowers contrast with the line of the cabinets. They bring ‘life’ to the room. The room is functional – it is a kitchen, adding the flowers in the sink – lets you know that someone is there loving and enjoying the room.

Design by Sarah Blank