Designer Scott Sanders

Decorating with the view is smart. It does become the focal point. Here we have a glass wall that allows the view to be appreciated. Spectacular or not. Our view is expanded. Our eye has something other than a blank wall to reflect on. Glass from it’s infancy has been a spectacular way to expand, raise our style of living. This Penthouse has low-profile furniture.  Nothing  too high to block the view, No complicated patterns that would distract from the view.

Origin of Glass:
Glass was created in Egypt in 3500 BC. First came Glass beads and this was probably a by-product of metal working. Jewelry!
From beads we went to vessels. Bowls, Vases & Urns. Glass was rolled or annealed (process of cooling). The creation of Glass was a luxury and kept secret for millennia.  Glass blowing started in the first century c.e. and with the discovery of clear glass, (through the introduction of manganese dioxide), the glass blowers in Alexandria, began to use glass for architectural purposes.

The next big change to glass was to add lead oxide to the molten glass; this improved the appearance of the glass and made it easier to melt using sea-coal as a furnace fuel. The process was first discovered by George Ravenscroft in 1674, who was the first to produce clear lead crystal glassware on an industrial scale. [wikipedia]

Glass Walls:
From this date we have thermal glass – so we can use it despite raging heat and brutally cold weather. These gorgeous rooms (above & below) with glass walls certainly expand your living space. This much glass takes a lot of attention. It has to be clean. It is expensive. What will you do for privacy? It’s not really for the first time home-owner, fresh out of college. This is probably a penthouse. There are many ways to get a similar view without the penthouse price. Check back! Usually – Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturdays!

by Terrat Elms

by Elle Decor

Adding Color to Your Home. A Dream Come True.

This would be a fantastic Design project for the  New Year 2018, introducing a new color into your home! This is Pantone’s Color for 2018. This purple is an exciting color, difficult to work with because it’s a strong color. It’s not navy, which is so classic it’s considered a neutral. But even there Navy, is a dark color and you need to be prepared for it. Adding lots of white.

Do you have a wish list? Is it mental or written down? Writing dreams down on paper helps to make them come true. Putting it on paper, makes it more concrete. Posting it where you can see it everyday keeps it in the forefront of your mind. You will notice purple more, see it in new ways, quiet ways – strong ways. Maybe you can add a pillow for a start. Buy a purple set of dinnerware! Purple art in a neutral room. I’m using lilac as examples. (Below) You can see how adding color doesn’t have to be a wallop like above. Try one of these ways to add softer color to one of your room! (below)

Multiple Ways to Make Dreams  Come True.

Figure one is by Froghill Design. Figure two by our favorite Pottery Barn. Figure 3 by Santo Pietro Design. This Living Room is a beautiful blend of colors. So much  you are not sure what is real and what is being reflected. The art  is a dreamy pinky purple, lavender. Figure two  you might miss the lilac,  purple pillows they are so soft. But it’s a very nice  addition to the room. Figure three, the lilac is in  the wallpaper and in the bench seating at  the end of the bed. If you don’t want  wallpaper or palm trees, a  pale lilac wall color would  be perfect. So pale it’s almost white, or one  or  two  notches  above that. Dream in color? Dream with soft lilac or bold purple? Go for it! xoxo Lynda

by Kirkland


Lots of Accessories:
Here are some great ideas for decorating your foyer for the Holidays. Start with  large Merry Christmas greeting (above) and a garland of greens make this foyer ready for December. Notice the snowflake decorated bike wheel, it’s a beautiful detail. These lovely accessories can be used or placed any number of ways and each time it will be unique, a feast for the eyes. For instance maybe the bike would fit on your front porch or stoop another year, the Merry Christmas Sign could be propped on the floor and the console could hold three of those darling mini trees.

A simple bowl of pinecones is welcome on anyone’s coffee table or counter. Spray the edges with gold if you have a few minutes for a special touch.

Minimal Accessories:
This foyer has only a garland to make it ready for the Holidays.  (below) A bright splash of red with the flower and vase make the Holiday colors pop. These two decorative items make a powerful good cheer statement. There are endless ways to design a very good and very pretty foyer.

by Southern Living

by Kara Mann Design

Penthouse Design:
Now we move on to Penthouses. Sorry for the chasm in between garage sale finds and penthouse design, hope you didn’t get injured on the way over. The point is – everyone needs a pretty space. A space that is carefully curated with what you love – that you are happy to come to. It might be you are a billionaire – but you want to surround yourself with vintage everything. It might be you are a billionaire and want to surround youself with bling. Either way is great!

Let’s see what makes this room so fabulous, what makes it comfortable, what makes it doable:
The chairs in front of the fireplace must be heirloom or museum pieces or at the very least totally custom. Are they comfortable? No. Do they have to be? No. The fireplace wall is masterful design. The glass cocktail table merges into the fireplace making it a gorgeous marriage. The black side tables, the black trim on the cocktail table, the charcoal fireplace surround make a beautiful path for your eye.

This is a good example of using dark colors, with a lot of light and bright for balance. To avoid a ‘dark’ look. But we still have dramatic!

Budget Dramatic: Black is still the rage. Black and White. Here is an excellent way to do drama on a budget. (below) Black walls, stark white bedding. Interesting lighting and accessories. We don’t know what makes the black wall such an interesting pattern. Is it wallpaper? The paint technique? Or the imperfect wall surface? The design savvy here is the drama with voluminous use of black and white. The simplicity of a bed, side table, and a window. Add a light, a plant, drapes – ready set go! Great Design.

by Domino




posted by digsdigs

Trends – Classics – Do What You Love

In conclusion, the lovely trends we have enjoyed for several years (3) are still with us. Millennial Pink I’m sure is still vogue. Mixing metals is still popular. Some say copper is waning, and then I see beautiful copper quoted as the best. Today’s cryptoquote, okay it wasn’t today’s it was the one I did today, was by Billy Baldwin, ” Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.’ Now that is something to adhere to. Nevermind trends. When you do buy ‘off the rack’ though, mind you, you will only find what is popular that year, that season. Pillows, carpet, chatzke. If you are willing to go custom, you can do anything you want. But there may be a year or more where you will not find copper pendant lighting to save your life. You can’t find that certain shade of blue in a bedspread anywhere. So trends are to be monitored just to show accessibility.

New Styles: Japandi & Scandi Bo-Ho

It is kind of fabulous to learn about Wabi-Sabi and Japandi. I also heard about Scandi Bo-Ho. (BELOW) The white palette. The soft colors. The extremely casual look which takes over to the Bo-Ho side. Hat’s off to Trends 2018. I love it all! Remember you don’t have to an entire room. You can add one piece that is Wabi- Sabi, you can add a bo-ho collection of pillows. Adding greens to your room will always make it more beautiful, (BOTTOM #3 pic). Notice how simple this bedroom is. How carefully curated designer, Tina Heldberg orchestrated this Japandi bedroom. The wall treatment might be a paint finish, it might be the latest and greatest in wallpaper. There is a so much beautiful product.

Scandi Bo Ho posted by ItalianBark


Japandi Style by Tina Heldberg


Wabi Sabi by Canadian House & Home

Design Trends 2018:
Researching, reading and investigation does yield a surprising amount of data. As I mentioned in Thursday’s Newsletter, many of the 2018 Trends are classics. BI # 285 A Glimpse into 2018 Interiors  The same beautiful things we have loved forever. Black & White Color Schemes. Geometric patterns. Patterns, and lots of them. Colors for the New Year are intense, gorgeous Blues and Reds.

Wabi-Sabi did figure into the pretty picture:

Here are some fantastic suggestions regarding wabi-sabi (ing) a room.
* Add real art (above)
* Use Hand Made Objects
* Natural Items
* Vintage (wrinkled linens – above)
* Clear the Clutter

This is from Gracie Sense and Sensibility.  Please visit.  Delightful page.

Another great find and totally unexpected is Japandi (below). A beautiful blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles. They do share the same aesthetics. Usually a minimalist affair, low-key but obvious appreciation of what is truly beautiful, humble and thoughtful. Emphasis on the simple and a no-clutter approach to living.

It takes a certain mind set to like the nicked and dinged. But the very successful and popular French designers have always put something rough next to something pristine. This combination allows each to sparkle. The perfect matte finish of the bench against the oft used clay pots (below).  The softly wrinkled or patterned Haori coat against the matte wall and the delicate coat hanging on the strong wrought iron. A beautiful composition.

Japandi Milan Furniture Festival

by pinterest

Guest Room Necessities:

Having guests is a lot of work, but also great fun. Like Christmas and Halloween and Back to School.This ‘makeshift’ guest bedroom is where we left off in Thursday’s, Beautiful Interiors. (BI 9.28.2017) This bed (above) might be an air mattress or foam.

1. The art on the side wall is a home project and darling.

2. Having greens, live foliage in your rooms always add so much to any room.

The Florida season starts in October and goes through May. June through September we are left to swelter on our own! Whether you have a big house with three guest rooms or you have one guest room that doubles as an office you want your guests to be comfortable and happy.

That means the room needs to be pretty and supplied with necessary supplies. I remembered one thing I didn’t put on the ‘have to’ list in BI!

3. A bouquet of flowers! Yes.

4. I also like to leave a note giving some information that might not be obvious, like where the towels are, where the hamper is, what time morning coffee is ready.

5. A basket with essential vanity items is nice as well, toothpaste, a toothbrush, comb, shampoo, soap. Bottled soap is much better than bar soap.

Designated Guest Room:

Here we have a guest room that is THE  guest room. Do you see what attention is given to both guest rooms regarding prettiness and this both times despite the budget? Whether a minimal budget or a generous budget we can always do pretty.

We also have additional extras for guests, such as an acne pillowcase for those who suffer with acne and want extra relief, as well as hot sleeper mattreses, and thinner duvets.

by Country Living

Simple design, colorful, and a theme that resonates with the child. Good Design for a child’s room.
This blue wall and white floor can morph easily into a pre-school and early grades.

  1. A fun bed makes them want to be there. To sleep, read, play.
  2. Snuggle factor, whether fuzzy blankets or a favorite cuddle toy
  3. Books are good, you can read them, then they can read them!
  4. Fun Night Light. Let the room glow when you close the door!
  5. Color. Color. Color. If you don’t know this yet, color makes you happy!

Doot Doot Doot Restaurant in Australia


This is Chef Guy’s New Restaurant in Melbourne Australia. The ceiling boasts ten thousand globes of amber glass. This is the Jackalope Hotel. Maybe you want to book this for dinner next week? Bravo! Australian lighting designer, Jan Flook. The inspiration for the fabulous lighting affair? The bubbles caused by wine fermentation! And Doot Doot Doot boasts a 1200-bottle wine cellar.  click for more details

More Great Restaurants? Restaurant 33 Greenwich in NYC boasts New Orleans southern cooking. Dessert first? Or breakfast as good as dessert? Fabulous design by Kelly Framel, The Glamourai. This moving still live mural is by Kelly Marie Beeman.

Kelly Framel_The Glamourai_33 Greenwich NYC

I love red white and blue and so does 33 Greenwich! So much style – I definitely would have to go around three times, maybe more to savor all these beautiful details. See more Glamourai Design Remember NYC is the place to be seen. Don’t you just want to be there? So much to see and do. Worthy of many fabulous explorative design journeys.


Restaurant 33 Greenwich NYC

Steven Sclaroff

Pale Blue and Bright Red Living Room

You would never say this room’s color scheme is red, white and blue. There is so much gray and pale blue. Red is the accent color. The bright red sofa is the focal point. The spectacular red sculpture and the sofa on the window wall is perfection. The neutral drape tones the room a bit. This room is on the fence I think. Between calm and dynamite. Quite a nice feat for designer Schlaroff!

Blue and gray are the dominant colors. Dominant in the space they cover, but not dominant in the power they convey.

Pale Blue and Bright Red Bedroom

Our next room works with pale blue as well. And lots of neutrals. The bright red bunk bed is our focal point. The pale blue chair talks beautifully with the pale blue wall art. The red throw blankets at the end of the beds make a nice contribution. They give the bunk bed someone to talk to, the same as the chair and the art. The bunk bed becomes the accent and the focal point, the same as the red sofa above. Designing a great room is quite a big job.


by Madeleine Stuart