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Neutral or Colorful Pallette:

Patios expand our living space. There sure are plenty of ways to get more out of where you are?
This homeowner decided to add shade with the awning. It adds a nice flair doesn’t it?

These days with danger of sun exposure – it’s smart to consider these options.

The overall neutral color scheme comes alive with the bright orange coffee table. Smart decorating!

Consider your setting:

Below is a very prettily decorated patio. This is a very happy space because of the brightly patterned pillows. The above patio is much more calm even with the pop of orange. Very different styles. Both beautiful. That’s what knowing your style, what mood you want to create is important before you start. You will know which direction to take, it takes less time and energy if you narrow the field from “I don’t know – everything looks good,” to something specific, “I want bright and sunny or I want calm neutrals.” Remember your environment is a factor. The above patio is set very much outdoors, it looks like it is set in the forest. The brown seating fits right in. The earth can dust up a bit and not be noticed. Below the patio is close to the house and the white wicker furniture fits in nicely.


by designer Catherine Huckerby

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Patio doors:

One has to appreciate that all these apartments, condos, co-ops are designed the same way. Everyone has a balcony. If you have a balcony you usually have a patio door. How do you decorate these small spaces? The sky is open to everybody. Blue skies, cloudy skies, stormy skies, gray skies. Have you underlined this outdoor view with a pretty scape of our own? How you decorate you indoor rooms usually reflects how you will decorate your outdoor space. Take your clues from there. Same style, same color scheme. It’s ok to break the rules, but usually it’s good to keep your eye moving easily from one room to the next. If you have a neutral room in one or the other, you could add a splashy color.

Garden Patio:

Being able to step outside and inhale the fresh air is an enormous experience. If you have a table and chair and you can sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine ( any drink of your preference). Decorate with a pot or pots of flowers makes a tiny space, a beautiful space to relax, to visit, to review.

Tending a garden is a very therapeutic occupation. Having foliage around and in your home is very healthy. Lots of good reasons to take advantage of the space immediately outside your windows/doors. It does take time to find what plants work well for any location. Keep trying, you will find a lovely assortment of greens before too long. Ask your neighbors or your local nursery what might work.

by Kevin O’Shea Design homeandecor post

Designer Scott Sanders

Decorating with the view is smart. It does become the focal point. Here we have a glass wall that allows the view to be appreciated. Spectacular or not. Our view is expanded. Our eye has something other than a blank wall to reflect on. Glass from it’s infancy has been a spectacular way to expand, raise our style of living. This Penthouse has low-profile furniture.  Nothing  too high to block the view, No complicated patterns that would distract from the view.

Origin of Glass:
Glass was created in Egypt in 3500 BC. First came Glass beads and this was probably a by-product of metal working. Jewelry!
From beads we went to vessels. Bowls, Vases & Urns. Glass was rolled or annealed (process of cooling). The creation of Glass was a luxury and kept secret for millennia.  Glass blowing started in the first century c.e. and with the discovery of clear glass, (through the introduction of manganese dioxide), the glass blowers in Alexandria, began to use glass for architectural purposes.

The next big change to glass was to add lead oxide to the molten glass; this improved the appearance of the glass and made it easier to melt using sea-coal as a furnace fuel. The process was first discovered by George Ravenscroft in 1674, who was the first to produce clear lead crystal glassware on an industrial scale. [wikipedia]

Glass Walls:
From this date we have thermal glass – so we can use it despite raging heat and brutally cold weather. These gorgeous rooms (above & below) with glass walls certainly expand your living space. This much glass takes a lot of attention. It has to be clean. It is expensive. What will you do for privacy? It’s not really for the first time home-owner, fresh out of college. This is probably a penthouse. There are many ways to get a similar view without the penthouse price. Check back! Usually – Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturdays!

by Terrat Elms

by Designer Hoff

Foyer – Light & Bright
Staying light and bright is refreshing after the warmer colors of winter. The same with textures, lighter fabrics are better than velvets. This is a huge generalization, there are no rules. Changing things around a bit does make for a surprise, an ‘oh my isn’t that pretty!’ Once you start thinking about change – you will see things in an entirely different light. What looks good in this room, may be fantastic in another.

This pretty entry can easily be updated. Change the lamps, change the boots, change the pillows.

Bedroom – Light & Bright
The bedroom below with all of the bright white is decorated simply fabulously. The dark bed against all the white is perfection. Count the different patterns in this room! Even though there is only one color, there is a ton of pattern and texture. The shutters, the pillows, the flowers, the different side tables, the bowl with extra linens. This is a brilliant composition. Love What You Come Home To!

Designer: Woo


Patio by Getty

Middle of May. Summertime is almost here! It’s been a rough winter/spring for many of us.

Warm weather is on the way! It’s a good time to celebrate!
How can we decorate for warmer weather? Dining outdoors is always in order. Do you have a spacious patio
like this or something a bit smaller. Anything big enough for a two pillows should be taken advantage of!
Here we have a small table and two chairs. (below) A beautiful pot of flowers always dresses up, charms a space.


It’s good to enjoy a few moments alone or with someone you love. That being said you almost prefer the smaller space don’t you?

Small means intimate and cozy. Always highlight the positives. It’s remarkable what a difference that makes. All you have is toast. But what about cinnamon toast? Doesn’t that bring back delightful childhood memories? Dripping with butter or just enough butter to suit you and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. I always loved that part. Simple Happiness.

Notice the odd assortment of chairs in the patio above. Furniture doesn’t have to match. Especially for friends, people you love. Hanging lights is festive. A bit of work, but well worth it.  Candles are always in order. Now you have to prepare some good food and invite those friends over! Your’re ready!



Sunshine Design can Transform a room on a very small budget. Nothing is missing, We would like to add a desk. But that takes a bit more knowledge of space and occupant lifestyle. Check back, we will create one that has a desk! We will say this is a 5′ x 7′ room and the one with a desk is an 8′ x 10′ room.  Contact me with Bo Ho Style in the subject line and I will send you the Specifications for this room! Sku Numbers, dimensions, source & costs! Offer ends February 3rd 2018!

When you work with Sunshine design you give me your preferred colors, the size of the room, details that make a difference. Check out the details @ Sunshine Design.


Fridge Bali Rice Field by adzif

Visit this webpage to see how you can get this decal for your fridge! Isn’t it a stunner? I don’t know that I would like it forever, but it would be fun for a while. Maybe a dorm room. Your first apartment? I think there is a lot of potential here. This is a very small change that makes a huge difference, a new kitchen.

The hardware looks as though it has been changed. It’s not my first choice, but I do like the largesse of it, the black. I’m not liking the curve. But when you are designing a kitchen, planning your space, those are details, decisions that need to be made. There are a jillion of them and I’m not exaggerating.

Shelving made from copper piping? (below) That is change within a budget! A new countertop for an old cabinet. That’s another change. An another update. Fresh paint I’m sure. The wall lathe might be new, who knows. The sink is probably new. So there you are. That’s quite a few changes, without doing a gut job and total remodel. Very beautiful. The open shelving is still very popular, adding small plants is always smart. (You can add large plants if you have room for them.) Talk with a designer. Get out a pencil. Make notes, make a list. Start dreaming. Then make it a reality! Happy New Year!


by Kim Lewis HB

by Eric Gedney Architect

Here is another fantastic kitchen. Why not make that your goal for 2018? Create a kitchen that makes you happy! That is everything you have ever dreamed about. Storage, color, seating, lighting, appliances. Countertops, cabinets, flooring. Lots and Lots of Decisions. But that all happens in the planning stage. And their are hiccups in the execution part of the process. But it’s so totally worth it!

White cabinetry is still popular. The red chairs add the necessary pop of color. This kitchen is so many styles. It’s traditional. It’s casual. It’s almost country. It’s almost farmhouse. With the beautiful view you wonder if there isn’t water out there somewhere.

When you plan your kitchen, you do have to start carefully at the beginning. Make a floor plan. Make your kitchen triangle. Decide what kind of kitchen you want. What will make you happy?  A Working Kitchen, a Glam Kitchen, an Eat-In Kitchen. Do you want to make changes to the footprint, expand the space? Add windows, add a pantry? Of course everyone’s favorite subject, the budget, needs to be considered early in the game.

This kitchen (below) is off the charts. It’s not typical. It’s not everybody’s dream kitchen. The hearth, the floor to ceiling wall tile, the large window, the rustic stools and the open shelving are not the norm.  But this is what you can have, it you want to spend time planning, if you want to do something your heart wants. Take the time. Enjoy your Home. Love What You Come Home To.

by Dare Devil Designer

Bedroom Renovation

This is one fantastic bedroom renovation! Making your interior rooms beautiful is such a tremendous joy and accomplishment. Why make-do when it is within your reach to work with someone who can transform your home into a gorgeous space like this! Before & Afters are always a popular and fun way to spend a few minutes. The before and after process is quite a bit more daunting.

See the plain jane room below? Dare Devil Design smartly used black to create a powerfully seductive room.

What was Changed?

Nothing at all has stayed the same. You know for sure we are in the same room because of the stacked windows. The designer added:

* new mantle
* new lighting
* new carpets, layered carpeting!
* all new furniture & bedding
* new drapes
* lots of bling.
* wall trim

Adding trim added to the black walls is such a smart design solution. It adds detailed elegance that makes this room exquisite. The walls are not black. They are gorgeous. The chandelier is such a wowser. The medallion is such an easy piece to add and doesn’t it make a huge difference?

Going from dull and ordinary to gorgeous is doable! The wrought iron bed and chandelier add bling. The ornate mantle with candles adds tradition and romance, there is so much interesting stuff in this room your eye would never get tired of moving about. You are transfixed. The soft throw on the edge of the bed contrasting with the nubby carpet. The ornate mantle with the simple drape. Remember we need the white ceiling to balance the expresso walls.

Red Dining Room:

This strong Cranberry Red Dining Banquette is perfectly gorgeous. (above) It’s not something you can change your mind about, but why would you? Now if red is not your color, then you do have to do something about it. But if you installed this built-in, I’m sure Red is Your Favorite Color! Why this red works even though you can’t easily  change your mind about it: The room is neutral except for this one strong piece. Balance is maintained. Serenity is maintained. When a room is pop-full-of-color, it’s still beautiful, but carries with it that much energy as well.

The dining room carries quite a bit of Zen quality to it. Here’s why:  1. The Red is not a bright red, 2. Plentiful neutrals (floor, walls, chairs, art)  3. The straight lines of the room, the geometric pattern of the chandelier, the repeated tufts – pattern make this room soothing. Quiet despite the red. (!)

Blue Bedroom:

Quite the opposite with this blue bedroom. It’s full of energy! (below) The blue is strong. Almost a Ceruleun, but maybe a bit of green in there as well. Blue and Red are complimentary colors as well, opposite each other on the color wheel, which adds energy, excitement to the room as well. Red is passion  – so it does work in the bedroom. Depending on  who you are. This could be a guest room, if this is a bit too much for every day use, but just right for the weekend guest!

The white ceiling, window treatments and bedding are doing their part to balance the strong wall color. The light blue carpet acts as a neutral, but doesn’t look  out of place as a tweedy rattan might. Although that might tie in with the chandelier, but then this room is relatively formal and that’s another good reason why we don’t  want the a casual rattan.


by Designer Lindsey Coral


Another Red & White Bedroom:

The bedroom  below is adding strong  color in one very  important place. The Floor. It’s the  foundation of your room! It’s a great place to start. It’s a great place for an heirloom. Keeping everything else white makes the room easy. Again depending on your style. If you love color and pattern this might not be for you. You might love Lindsey Coral’s bedroom above. Any style to fit everyone!

by Designer Jennifer Robbins