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Neutral or Colorful Pallette:

Patios expand our living space. There sure are plenty of ways to get more out of where you are?
This homeowner decided to add shade with the awning. It adds a nice flair doesn’t it?

These days with danger of sun exposure – it’s smart to consider these options.

The overall neutral color scheme comes alive with the bright orange coffee table. Smart decorating!

Consider your setting:

Below is a very prettily decorated patio. This is a very happy space because of the brightly patterned pillows. The above patio is much more calm even with the pop of orange. Very different styles. Both beautiful. That’s what knowing your style, what mood you want to create is important before you start. You will know which direction to take, it takes less time and energy if you narrow the field from “I don’t know – everything looks good,” to something specific, “I want bright and sunny or I want calm neutrals.” Remember your environment is a factor. The above patio is set very much outdoors, it looks like it is set in the forest. The brown seating fits right in. The earth can dust up a bit and not be noticed. Below the patio is close to the house and the white wicker furniture fits in nicely.


by designer Catherine Huckerby

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Patio doors:

One has to appreciate that all these apartments, condos, co-ops are designed the same way. Everyone has a balcony. If you have a balcony you usually have a patio door. How do you decorate these small spaces? The sky is open to everybody. Blue skies, cloudy skies, stormy skies, gray skies. Have you underlined this outdoor view with a pretty scape of our own? How you decorate you indoor rooms usually reflects how you will decorate your outdoor space. Take your clues from there. Same style, same color scheme. It’s ok to break the rules, but usually it’s good to keep your eye moving easily from one room to the next. If you have a neutral room in one or the other, you could add a splashy color.

Garden Patio:

Being able to step outside and inhale the fresh air is an enormous experience. If you have a table and chair and you can sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine ( any drink of your preference). Decorate with a pot or pots of flowers makes a tiny space, a beautiful space to relax, to visit, to review.

Tending a garden is a very therapeutic occupation. Having foliage around and in your home is very healthy. Lots of good reasons to take advantage of the space immediately outside your windows/doors. It does take time to find what plants work well for any location. Keep trying, you will find a lovely assortment of greens before too long. Ask your neighbors or your local nursery what might work.

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