Designer Scott Sanders

Decorating with the view is smart. It does become the focal point. Here we have a glass wall that allows the view to be appreciated. Spectacular or not. Our view is expanded. Our eye has something other than a blank wall to reflect on. Glass from it’s infancy has been a spectacular way to expand, raise our style of living. This Penthouse has low-profile furniture.  Nothing  too high to block the view, No complicated patterns that would distract from the view.

Origin of Glass:
Glass was created in Egypt in 3500 BC. First came Glass beads and this was probably a by-product of metal working. Jewelry!
From beads we went to vessels. Bowls, Vases & Urns. Glass was rolled or annealed (process of cooling). The creation of Glass was a luxury and kept secret for millennia.  Glass blowing started in the first century c.e. and with the discovery of clear glass, (through the introduction of manganese dioxide), the glass blowers in Alexandria, began to use glass for architectural purposes.

The next big change to glass was to add lead oxide to the molten glass; this improved the appearance of the glass and made it easier to melt using sea-coal as a furnace fuel. The process was first discovered by George Ravenscroft in 1674, who was the first to produce clear lead crystal glassware on an industrial scale. [wikipedia]

Glass Walls:
From this date we have thermal glass – so we can use it despite raging heat and brutally cold weather. These gorgeous rooms (above & below) with glass walls certainly expand your living space. This much glass takes a lot of attention. It has to be clean. It is expensive. What will you do for privacy? It’s not really for the first time home-owner, fresh out of college. This is probably a penthouse. There are many ways to get a similar view without the penthouse price. Check back! Usually – Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturdays!

by Terrat Elms

by Designer Hoff

Foyer – Light & Bright
Staying light and bright is refreshing after the warmer colors of winter. The same with textures, lighter fabrics are better than velvets. This is a huge generalization, there are no rules. Changing things around a bit does make for a surprise, an ‘oh my isn’t that pretty!’ Once you start thinking about change – you will see things in an entirely different light. What looks good in this room, may be fantastic in another.

This pretty entry can easily be updated. Change the lamps, change the boots, change the pillows.

Bedroom – Light & Bright
The bedroom below with all of the bright white is decorated simply fabulously. The dark bed against all the white is perfection. Count the different patterns in this room! Even though there is only one color, there is a ton of pattern and texture. The shutters, the pillows, the flowers, the different side tables, the bowl with extra linens. This is a brilliant composition. Love What You Come Home To!

Designer: Woo


Patio by Getty

Middle of May. Summertime is almost here! It’s been a rough winter/spring for many of us.

Warm weather is on the way! It’s a good time to celebrate!
How can we decorate for warmer weather? Dining outdoors is always in order. Do you have a spacious patio
like this or something a bit smaller. Anything big enough for a two pillows should be taken advantage of!
Here we have a small table and two chairs. (below) A beautiful pot of flowers always dresses up, charms a space.


It’s good to enjoy a few moments alone or with someone you love. That being said you almost prefer the smaller space don’t you?

Small means intimate and cozy. Always highlight the positives. It’s remarkable what a difference that makes. All you have is toast. But what about cinnamon toast? Doesn’t that bring back delightful childhood memories? Dripping with butter or just enough butter to suit you and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. I always loved that part. Simple Happiness.

Notice the odd assortment of chairs in the patio above. Furniture doesn’t have to match. Especially for friends, people you love. Hanging lights is festive. A bit of work, but well worth it.  Candles are always in order. Now you have to prepare some good food and invite those friends over! Your’re ready!