We have something very traditional for this table decor. (above) It’s quite a stunner isn’t it? I believe all of the Holidays Tables are stunners, you have to decide what your style is and what you feel like doing this year. Has the family increased or decreased? Have you just moved to the Beach? Are you back to Maine or Colorado? Many times where we live dictates or has some influence on our decorating style. Just think if you have more than one house! Oh the opportunities that await you! Everyone I talk to, says it’s too much work, but I would adore this job. It’s play time for me!

This room, is so traditional. So rustic. Don’t you just want to be enjoying this comfort and beauty all day?

And this rustic, traditional decor is done with a very small budget. The greens are local if not from the very tree in the room. The brambles on the table are the same. Add candles and you are ready. Remember to never leave lit candles unattended. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

by Antonia Ludden


Bright & Cheery Holiday Table:

We will move from dark and moody Table Decor to bright and cheery. (above) Somehow bright and cheery fits the holiday season, don’t you think? Although I admit the dark colors are handsome and beautiful. (Thursday’s post) But they are not as fun as the bright ornaments on the sparkling white tablecloth. Maybe you have your own thoughts on the matter. Please share.

We had a fabulous tip at my networking meeting this morning, Jennifer of Palm Beach Organizing recommends if you have Christmas, Holiday ornaments that you don’t love, you don’t use every year, donate them! Click to see the value of great organization. A Place for Everything!

Casual Holiday Table Decor:

If table number one wasn’t cheerful enough, what about this one? (below) It looks like a birthday party doesn’t it? Christmas is a time of good cheer so this just might be the cat’s meow. There is not the usual serious overtones, of elegance, the usual beautiful decor. The statement here is FUN! It is a very casual approach to decorating. There are no flowers, no candles, no pinecones, no greenery. If it weren’t for the red trees, you wouldn’t know it’s Christmas. This is a very non-traditional table-setting.



Holiday 2017 by Etsy

Have you thought about decorating a Gothic Christmas? Dark and Moody Decor? It’s the latest according to Etsy. Black appliances are popular. They didn’t call it gothic. I did. Try the rustic and navy, or deep red or pine green. I’m sure to good affect. Remember to add candles, candlesticks,  and other shiny elements like stemware, and porcelain.

by Country Living

A lot of work:

The Christmas Tree signifies the extra work for this room. Also the small vignette of Christmas trees on the night stand. Small, thoughtful details make for good design. Changing the bed linens and hanging the wreath make a complete Holiday Picture. A lot of this decor depends on how much storage you have. How ready you are to have an assortment of different bed linens depending on the season or the holiday. Are your Christmas trees fresh or are they stored? Are the pillow covers changed out, now that would be an awesome way to creatively change the room without using up a lot of space. Wayfair has a ton of pillow covers. Holiday Pillows @ Wayfair

A little work:

Now for another minimally decorated bedroom. (below) This canopy bed has draped green foliage and hanging stars and that’s all that is needed to make this a decorated bedroom. It’s a rustic styled bedroom and it has stayed that way with the casual greens draped over the canopy. The stars are easy to hang with fishing line. See more @ Great Christmas Bedrooms

This really gets the wheels turning doesn’t it?  Which room that you don’t usually decorate can use one of these decor ideas? Wouldn’t it be fun to do at least the guest bedroom, especially if you are having guests for the holiday! Have a very merry Holiday!

posted by digsdigs

posted by digsdigs

Decorating your bedroom for Christmas might seem like an unnecessary evil. But I looked this up and was amazed at the marvelous ways this can be accomplished. We will start with bedroom decorating with a lot of fuss and then move to minimal fuss.

Add the tree:
To get these astounding results, with this bedroom (above) takes a bit of time and creativity. The wallpaper is perfection. The Christmas tree is fun we know, but time consuming. The room is at heart neutral, so were the red accents, the chair, table, pillows, quilts and bedding already there or switched out for the Holiday? What an absolutely charming room. Beautifully embellished. Enjoyed tremendously. OMG! I just realized the presents under the tree. More work, more treasures, more surprises, more JOY.

Minimal Christmas Decor for your Bedroom:
This bedroom decor (below) is like night and day for holiday decor contrast. The Holiday items are minimal, maybe half a box marked Christmas from the attic/closet. The wreath, the bow and small tree comprise the total accoutrements that say Merry Christmas! Just a little bit of detail making a big impression.

by digsdigs