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Putting up three or more guests:

Hasn’t someone put on their thinking cap for this guestroom design? College friends, Cousins, Sisters, an entire family can be put up very comfortably in this perfectly outfitted guestroom.

Everyone has what they need. Private lighting, Private storage, Their own bed. A place to put their cup of coffee or glass of water. What a difference personal art, or a collage of art makes doesn’t it? A hotel room plants a great big something on the wall and I usually love it – but when something like this is so personal – so individual it feels more thoughtful doesn’t it?

Teeny Tiny Guest Room

This small room (below) used to be the kitchen pantry. So we have a good idea of how small it is. What does size matter? If the room is clean, comfortable and pretty. Keeping the walls white and decorating with light colors is smart. It gives the impression of light and airy despite the closet- size of the room. Having a room of your own, is a great blessing, considering you might be on the living room sofa. I always sleep really good on the sofa!

Please let us know what you think of these ideas! Perhaps you have ones you would like to share!


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Guest Room Necessities:

Having guests is a lot of work, but also great fun. Like Christmas and Halloween and Back to School.This ‘makeshift’ guest bedroom is where we left off in Thursday’s, Beautiful Interiors. (BI 9.28.2017) This bed (above) might be an air mattress or foam.

1. The art on the side wall is a home project and darling.

2. Having greens, live foliage in your rooms always add so much to any room.

The Florida season starts in October and goes through May. June through September we are left to swelter on our own! Whether you have a big house with three guest rooms or you have one guest room that doubles as an office you want your guests to be comfortable and happy.

That means the room needs to be pretty and supplied with necessary supplies. I remembered one thing I didn’t put on the ‘have to’ list in BI!

3. A bouquet of flowers! Yes.

4. I also like to leave a note giving some information that might not be obvious, like where the towels are, where the hamper is, what time morning coffee is ready.

5. A basket with essential vanity items is nice as well, toothpaste, a toothbrush, comb, shampoo, soap. Bottled soap is much better than bar soap.

Designated Guest Room:

Here we have a guest room that is THE  guest room. Do you see what attention is given to both guest rooms regarding prettiness and this both times despite the budget? Whether a minimal budget or a generous budget we can always do pretty.

We also have additional extras for guests, such as an acne pillowcase for those who suffer with acne and want extra relief, as well as hot sleeper mattreses, and thinner duvets.

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by Domino. photo by Francesco Lagnese

Unclutter first:

This is a beautiful after bedroom design. (above) So much needs to be done when you work to renovate a room, a home. Whether you are redefining your lifestyle or you have moved into this scenario, it’s a ton of work. For this huge housekeeping job (below) remember you need a good supply of large bags labeled toss, donate, sell. If you need help with sorting, try many of the great unclutter books by experts – Donna Smallin or Francine Jay. You can get a unclutter coach if you prefer!

Focal Point: View

BR Before by Domino. Photo by Lucy Danzinger

Remember to highlight the good points of your existing room. Without any question, the view takes the number one spot. And the designer did a great job of making the view the outstanding feature. The fabulous view over the bed and the patio doors on the side wall, make you feel as if you are a part of the outdoors. Making the indoor/outdoor line blurry like this is very effective to make your room more beautiful and spacious. There isn’t a lot of fuss in the room, nothing to distract you from the view.


The blue carpet and the blue art are smart because they mimic the blue sky and successfully blur the indoor and outdoor. Working with a designer is the best way successfully decorate your home. You can do all the head work and ask for a consultation with your questions, problems and get a confirmation that your ideas are great or where there might be some adjustments. You can work with a designer from the beginning, let her do all the head work. It can be done any number of ways. Pick one! Better to make the transformation don’t you think?

After by Avenue Lifestyle

Getting Started:

A lot looks wrong with this bedroom. (below)
Everything looks
wrong when a color you don’t like is on the walls.
A dark paint may need a primer and two coats of paint to
prevent ‘bleeding’. Always talk with your experts as you
put your before and after project budget together.

before Avenue Lifestyle


White on White Color Scheme:

Going  white on white is always successful.
(above) Remember to add lots of texture.
The shiny table, the matte finish floor
and walls, the nubby bedclothes,
the picture glass of the mini salon art gallery.
The charcoal gray pillows are doing a lot
to add contrast as well. But remember the walls,
floor and bedding are all white. And it’s a great scheme.

Mind you, this is a very successful, low-budget renovation.


We don’t know if the furniture, bedding and accessories were existing, thrift shopped or garage sale finds. Our resources are limitless. Could have been a mix and one new something added!

There is always a way to improve a room. I’m sure I don’t know anything about the blue closet door – but it must be modified. Make a list of what you don’t like. Make a list of the rooms best points. What do you want this room to do for you? Figure out your budget. Ask for estimates. Ask questions. You learn as you go, but the results are always worth it. Scary at points, but definitely worth it!




After by Southern Revivals

Isn’t this before and after a knock-out?

It’s hard to believe this transformation
is the same room. Many times an unused
room becomes a junk room. It’s better if we can make all rooms valuable.  Usable and pretty.

Renovation Costs:

You do reduce a lot of the cost if you
do some or all of the work yourself.
The job does seem overwhelming but start
at the beginning, take it in steps. This was the case with this make-over.
You do have to clean up and prep the room to make it ready for a fresh design.

The designer put lathe on the walls to make an interesting pattern. Not too much work nor too much money. Used bright white paint. Remember when budgeting a job, there is demolition,  materials and installation. Three layers of cost. Afterwards there is new furniture, and new accessories. It’s good to be aware of all the costs – so you don’t get discouraged halfway there. You can plan from the beginning how you want to handle the schedule and then there will be no surprises.

Existing Materials:

The carpet seems to be the same (existing) as do the side tables and chest at the end of the bed. Working with what you have is always a good way to lower the budget.

The new contrasting black swing-arm wall lamps provide a crisp contrast for all the white.
The dark dresser repeats the same dark tone as the bed reading lamps. The colorful bed pillows provided a nice pop against the bright white.


I add the next after picture (below) to demonstrate the need for storage. You need a place to put things. To put things away. This second picture also demonstrates how easily it is to freshen or update your room, by changing the bed accessories. Here a blue blanket is used
as a runner. Do this seasonally. After you do a thorough cleaning and want to make the room ‘different’. Love the house you’re in!

After by Southern Revivals


Edamame Succotash by Chef Jenny


The other important task to get ready for a hurricane is making sure your home is tidy. The same as you would before you leave on Holiday. So the refrigerator needs to be sorted. I had made this delicious Edamame Succotash along with equally delicious Roasted Pacific Cod with Olives and lemon for a TGIF dinner party! The fish was devoured. The small bowl of leftover succotash I added to my Chicken Pot Pie filling!!!

Endamame Succotash

Roasted Cod with olives and lemon

Care for each other and say I Love You, often. xoxo Lynda



Excuse my diversion from interior Design, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to talk about design when we have serious things like Harvey & Irma to worry about.

I went to the gym Monday, September 4th. We talked about Hurricane Irma. Are you going or staying? Most everybody was going to ‘button’ down. My husband and I had decided to leave. Chatting with the girlfriends before the music got turned on, I learned a few things from Juanita! It is my first Hurricane. Well I did do Matthew last year, but he turned east! And we did evacuate! Practice, practice, practice.

Basics: Meals & Water

  1. ‘As soon as I hear a storm is coming, I’m in the kitchen getting prepared! Juanita declared. I make chicken soup, meatloaf and casseroles. Put them in the portion size containers in the freezer and then heat them on the grill – when we have no power we still have a warm meal.’
  2. Put all the water bottles you can in your freezer. Have your freezer chests down from the    attic. Food and water only in your freezer. No birthday cakes or stuff that isn’t even labeled/dated!
  3. Fill up your clean waste baskets with water. Place them in the kitchen, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Large trash containers or those storage containers can be used as cisterns outside the house.

I came right home and made my meatloaf, chicken pot pie, creamed spinach, and two soups!

Chicken Pot Pie”   by Ina Garten I have done this more than once, different ways,  and these individual crocks are amazing! But you can always do it family style as shown above.

Home Preparedness:

Other things we did to prepare for Hurricane Irma:

  1. We rolled up all of our carpets and put them up high. Use masking tape to keep them rolled snug.
  2. Make sure all your closet floors are clear. Extra blankets, boxes, pocketbooks, pictures, shoes. If six inches of water gets in – we will be okay.
  3. Put important documents in a plastic file box, insurance stuff, checkbooks, necessary files – when you have to evacuate you know where it is. Ready – set – go!
  4. Your yard, patio and lanai needs to be immaculate. Everything outside that is not tied down becomes a projectile! It’s a good time to sort, if it’s junk – something that has not been used as predicted, you can get rid of it.




Here is a more thorough list by Hurricane experts. Hurricane Supply List  God Bless.