It’s not surprising that what makes the top ten list are those places considered safest! So hat’s off to Australia. Here are some reasons why: 59 Reasons Why Australia Best Place On Earth

Lots of good weather and they love the outdoors. So the interiors have to work hard. All surfaces. Floors and upholstery. Indoor/Outdoor fabric is very popular, leather and vinyl.  And tile or concrete floors. There is a certain minimalist style to what I have seen so far. They are a young country and aren’t tied to Europe the same way we were. Perhaps that is why I’m not finding much in the way of classical design. It might be they design spaces like their country, open and spacious. Young and unfettered. Housing is difficult. It’s at a premium. Australia does have the highest minimum wage, but it’s still difficult to find a home you can afford. They don’t expect this problem to go away anytime soon. More Aussie Design Inf coming your way! Blog Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday. Usually. Thank you for visiting. Please comment – enjoy your input.

Pru Roscoe Australian Design

I’ve looked at our primitive homes and I have to say they we have been very creative. From Mountain Caverns, caves, to hide tents and tree houses to stilt houses and many more in-between.

As we learned about new materials, such as mortar and  bricks we  implemented them. When building near water we built on  stilts – the same as we do today. The bigger your house the more wealthy you were. The same is true today.

tree dwellings by l’habitation humane

I’m sure that it was difficult to survive. But you did have shelter from the cold, wind, rain and heat. There were still almost insurmountable tasks of finding food and staying alive despite the difficulty of enemies, either two legged or four legged. More Primitive Pre-historic homes

I only spent a few hours on this and found thirty different style of homes. I’m sure with more time spent on this fascinating subject I could find more. Of course they are still finding treasures.
There is the difficulty of research and I haven’t found a comprehensive listing to date. Probably because the subject matter is so very big. Here is a webpage that deals with the Roman Domus.
Buildings of Ancient Rome

We didn’t really become so gadget oriented until the Industrial Revolution of the 1700’s. Agricultural developments allowed for bountiful and affordable food. The cotton mill allowed for ease of cloth making. Then came cities, then came factories, then came men leaving the home. It’s always been a shared responsibility. Keeping house. Keeping a happy family. The man left the house and got his red meat, a paycheck. The woman did not. The difference became impossible for many. Then economics decided it could have both partners work and loh! Now we have a home and no one is in it!

Thank goodness we have our conveniences of clothes washer and dryer, of heating and air conditioning, lighting, telephones, television and radio. Life is good, but it’s still difficult to maintain a balance.  Subscribe to Beautiful Interiors to learn how to make your home sweet home. Subscribe!

Simple design, colorful, and a theme that resonates with the child. Good Design for a child’s room.
This blue wall and white floor can morph easily into a pre-school and early grades.

  1. A fun bed makes them want to be there. To sleep, read, play.
  2. Snuggle factor, whether fuzzy blankets or a favorite cuddle toy
  3. Books are good, you can read them, then they can read them!
  4. Fun Night Light. Let the room glow when you close the door!
  5. Color. Color. Color. If you don’t know this yet, color makes you happy!

by Grace Ivy posted by thespruce

There is a lot of information out there! If you go and look for it! And then you have to decide which you want to adopt as your own. Of course I’m not a mom, but I am a designer and knowing the ins and outs of a nursery are fully within my range. What have I learned new from this recent sojourn into mommy/baby land?

Décor Advice

1. Working with a neutral color is smart.
2. Deciding on a theme is fun. See Cowboy below.
3. Babies are best when surrounded by mommies skin, warmth and love.
4. Keeping a storage unit or table top near mommies rocking chair is very efficient.

Where to Go for Safety Standards:

5. There are lots of safety standards available and we should be aware of them and implement them.
a. United States Consumer Product Safety Commission USCPSC
b. ASTM The American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM (more…)

Doot Doot Doot Restaurant in Australia


This is Chef Guy’s New Restaurant in Melbourne Australia. The ceiling boasts ten thousand globes of amber glass. This is the Jackalope Hotel. Maybe you want to book this for dinner next week? Bravo! Australian lighting designer, Jan Flook. The inspiration for the fabulous lighting affair? The bubbles caused by wine fermentation! And Doot Doot Doot boasts a 1200-bottle wine cellar.  click for more details

More Great Restaurants? Restaurant 33 Greenwich in NYC boasts New Orleans southern cooking. Dessert first? Or breakfast as good as dessert? Fabulous design by Kelly Framel, The Glamourai. This moving still live mural is by Kelly Marie Beeman.

Kelly Framel_The Glamourai_33 Greenwich NYC

I love red white and blue and so does 33 Greenwich! So much style – I definitely would have to go around three times, maybe more to savor all these beautiful details. See more Glamourai Design Remember NYC is the place to be seen. Don’t you just want to be there? So much to see and do. Worthy of many fabulous explorative design journeys.


Restaurant 33 Greenwich NYC

by Lillian August for Hickory White


Talk about color! Blue is the dominant color. But there is orange and green and yellow. Lillian August Her Webpage for More Great Stuff  This is a great lesson, how-to for accessorizing a room. Blue is the basic, the foundation. Splashes of bright color keep the dark blue from becoming too much. The two white sofas also balance the blue chairs and blue walls. Accessorizing 101: Vases with flowers, the usual books on the cocktail table, pillows, animal prints, different tables of wood, glass and marble.

Carpet anyone! There is so much out there! It’s incredible. Any color you want. Any price range you want.
You can shop anywhere for inspiration and then go for what you can afford! Carpet can be confusing.
Here is a nice page. Learn More About Carpet

Carpet World at High Point Market



Attics, Basements and Garages are all treated the same way. No clutter. Nothing that you don’t love or need.
There is no way around this one. Of course we don’t have to embrace Feng Shui. But there you have it – pure and simple.

Lynda Louden Interiors & California Closets

Nothing worthwhile is easy. We as a people tend to be lazy. Or workaholics. It’s the old balance thing again.
It’s hard to get out of bed every morning isn’t it? We often need a kick in the pants. But don’t we feel our best when something great is accomplished? It doesn’t have to be a walk on the moon, but getting a report or proposal done. Getting the wash done. Preparing a nice dinner. Getting a paycheck at the end of the week. Clutter is a clear indicator of stuff that there has been no decision made, clean indicator of inaction.

Storage – Garage – Attic – Closets

Storage is allowable. It should be labeled. It should be everything we love and need. When something loses their value, we should dispose of it. Throwing things away is a last resort. A fur coat in Florida or in the Jungle can be put to better use. Donate it – sell it – wear it. Remember you can feng shui your home a room at a time. Remember you can do whatever you want – and Feng Shui doesn’t have to be in the mix.

Before & After

But oops. I believe the universe is a whole and we are all connected. I do believe in the butterfly wings scenario. There are too many miracles to believe otherwise. Here is my desk after I applied the Bagua Map.  I showed you the before on Saturday’s blog and you can see my progress! There seemed to be a something missing so I reviewed the Bagua map again. There is love on both sides, family on one side and love on the other. So I added the pictures of my sisters, and what a huge difference.

after desk

Things need to be treasured. I guess that keeps repeating doesn’t it. People need to be treasured and so do our things. I guess it’s all about the relationship. Keeping your garage organized so that your car fits in is very much like our closets and the space beneath our beds. Kitchen cabinets are they tidy? Do you have what you need and that’s it? Housekeeping is never ending and thank goodness!

right side of desk by Lynda Louden Interiors