Before Desk

Before Feng Shui

This is a sad desk! And it’s mine! These Feng Shui  areas are Fame, Family and Knowledge. Quick! Let’s look at the transformation. I went to my own yard and gathered beautiful plants and flowers. I put shells in the bottom for interest and to keep the stems in place. Cool water and everyone is happy, including me! I do have to file the papers and find a new home for the pencil sharpener!


After Feng Shui


by Lynda Louden Interiors


Here is another version of the Bagua Map Desk (below) for your convenience.  I will work on the other side of my desk and have that for you next time we visit. It really is a about having a place for everything. What’s not being handled does put us in a puddle of inaction. Do you want more help with organizing your desk, your office? Click here. Ultimate Guide To Feng Shui Your Desk


Feng Shui Desk pinterest

by Court Atkins Group

This room is beautifully designed and has no bright red or black to represent the fire or spiritual elements. But as always there is more than one way to design a room. What are the feng shui elements in this room? The water is represented in the vases and plants, which does signify black for spirituality. And the feng shui fire element which is typically represented by red, also means fun and joy and is the ship model and egret paintings. The Coastal Beach Theme is strong even if neutral – remember to always work with elements you love not just because they are the ‘right’ elements. If you don’t love it – it won’t work.

Facing the South is another fire factor and this room might face South. We don’t know – but to feng shui your office, your desk, you will have this as a know how. My desk faces a wall (not good) but to my right is a view and it’s to the south. My desk faces the entry door which is a good thing. You do have to make choices and decisions that are within your existing constraints. Next we will talk about – show you the diagram of a feng shui desk. (Below)

This is the Bagua Map. The pattern is for each room and your home as a whole. Remember you can make adjustments, Feng Shui is a philophosy, not a rigid set of design rules. The Five Elements are always important no matter where we are in life, and no matter which room. These nine life areas are given equal attention in theory.  But, do they all get a place on your desk?  See what adjustments you can make. I have moved my pencil sharpener and a stack of papers, my pending file. Stay tuned for before and afters!

LR Moscow by ARCH.625 interiorzine

Modern Minimal Furniture

This room is designed so spectacularly and that from someone who adores pattern. It’s so white and immaculate, I worry that it can’t be lived in by anyone other an extremely anal individual,  careful and with meticulous living habits. So what design here is new? It is certainly inspirational. The sofas look like covered boxes which are opposite the sofa’s in New Design Ideas 2, which looked like velvet covered balloons. Design Ideas 2  The stone walls might be something you want to think about. The Lucite chairs, the natural wood dining table and bookcase.

There really is minimal texture in this room. Why does it work design wise? First we have to take our tolerances to a small and beautiful spot. There just isn’t any nubby, plump or soft furniture in this room. Oh yeah, the pillows. Thank god. Now look at the differences in the materials given these design constraints. Stone walls, Lucite chairs, warm wood grained table and bookcase, the abundant cotton seating, the soft linear drape. And let’s not forget the shiny floor. It looks like BM Bright White. This is probably part of the IMM Cologne Showroom. And no one does live here! But it’s full of great ideas!

Comfortable Furniture

We have a bit more of the velvet covered balloon sofa’s for our next Design Idea. This is the Plumy Collection from Lignet Roset, the same as the pink and blue sofas from Design Ideas 2. Click for more Lignet Roset Collection. Beautiful webpage and you get to meet the designers. 🙂 Depending on  where you are, this furniture is exciting or impossible. But that’s what we are talking about – something new. It can’t be a new idea if it’s always what we have known. And the benefits of trying something new? Shall we talk about the changes in fashion, the flapper, the midi, the peasant skirt, pointy shoes, platforms, mini-skirt, Nehru jackets? What if we were still wearing pantaloons and a bustle? Trying something new is fun, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding. We thrive on change! New Restaurant in town, New baby, New Movie, New Book, New Design!

Plumy Collection IMM Cologne interiorzine

Philippe Nigro Ligne Rose

This gorgeous furniture for your living room is by Italian Design House Lignet Roset. Ligne Roset Showroom Locator The room is by Designer Philippe Nigro.  These Ideas for your home are brand new ideas from the IMM Design Show in Cologne Germany. It certainly is a bit different. I would love to sit in it and I suppose I could have had I been there! Notice the modern twist to the seating but the classic wall treatment. We are reminded daily aren’t we of how tiny the world has become with knowledge, pictures and how-to available at the touch of a button.

This room works for so  many good design reasons.

1. The simple lines of the sofa are balanced with the architectural wall detailing and the parquet floor.

2.There is a high level of interest, of energy because of the contrast of the classic and modern elements.

3. The same with the contrasting color, the bright blue and the neutral walls.  Color Blocking. Still cutting edge design.

4. The wall mirror has captured a geometric ceiling pattern!  A beautiful design trick!


Our second room is Millennial Pink and the Designer is Maureen Stevens Design posted by Dering Hall. This soft pink was the color of the year a little bit back, but things come and go, taking their time. More About the Steadfastness of Millenial Pink

Why This Room Works:

1. The small repeat in the wallpaper allows for the great big pop of the mirror.

2. The repetition (mirror, chair band, table legs). of the gold make the room sing the same song.

3. The same with the touches of black again in three, the drapery, the sculptured mirror, and the hand art on the cocktail  table.

4. The icon pattern of the drape is a very repetitive pattern, but it mimics the city high-rise view. Another excellent Design Decision.

Who wouldn’t love this room? It’s Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Designer Maureen Stevens


Cole & Son Wallpaper

New Interior design Ideas from Cologne Germany – IMM:

I have tempted you here with talk of new recipes and new design ideas for your home.
Please enjoy yourself. I have a splendid time researching and writing about interior design just for you.
Please reply, comment and ask questions. The delightfully geometric patterned chair is in honor
of my upcoming recipe, fruit Salsa.

It was recommended to me a hundred years ago the value of trying something new. And I did
and I have never regretted it and have never been disappointed. Just the smallest change
can bring the sweetest find or delight. I will intersperse the recipe(s) with the latest and
greatest in rooms, furniture and wallpaper. Our interiors become fresh the same way when

New Recipe:

Mango’s are the center of attention this time. A gift of mangoes was presented to me. They were not
quite ripe and I was given careful instructions on where to store them and how to check for ripeness.
Store in a dark, cool place. (Not the refrigerator.) Soft to touch like a ripe avocado. And a faint
smell of sweetness at the stem.

by Archiplan Studio, Milan

I did all of the above. And now what to do with them? I knew that I didn’t want to sit and eat a Mango. God forbid! It was absolutely my first time.

Like cooking your first steak or blueberry pie. I went to my Cookbook Bible,  The Joy of Cooking. I knew I wanted to make a salsa or a chutney. This was the sort of sweet and savory concoction and I thought would be appropriate to serve next to the fish I had planned for dinner.

Ingredients: Onions, 1/4 cup lime juice, fruit such as mango, papaya, pineapple or peaches, red pepper cut into thin strips, cilantro, black beans and garlic. 1/4 cup of orange juice and one jalapeno seeded and finely chopped. This is so scrumptious. I served the salsa and fish with a baked sweet potato.

Room Divider or Gallery Wall:

These two rooms are complements of a post by Interiorzine about IMM Cologne. This is an International Interior Design Show in Cologne, Germany.
I love the melon wingback and I love the room divider screen that is a catch all. Is it somewhere between an organizer and a gallery? Of course, it doesn’t have to be decorated with what-not. It could be entirely free of decoration and be beautiful. But think of the opportunity to mix-it-up. Delight and surprise your family. Just like new recipes now and then! Try and Enjoy the Mango Salsa!


by Domino

Storage – Under the Stairs!
This arrangement teaches us a lot. About Storage. About making something pretty out of something that’s just a rubber boot. The value of adding a plant. The power of a mirror. Combining styles. Lamp cords are not awful. Vintage pieces are fabulous.  This under the stair niche is a great place to add storage. It’s optimizing space that is usually left unused. The space under the stairs should not be discounted when space is tight or storage is limited. Or should I say when you have too much to put away? We tend to hoard as a society. It might be good to review what we have – do we really need to keep it? A popular saying is “if you don’t love it – don’t keep it” Good advice.

Storage – Under the Bed!
I’m not a big fan of under the bed storage. Feng Shui believes that an open space is more conducive to a good energy flow. But I believe where space is so limited this is a good space. This bed has built-in drawers, but if this is not available, by all means use plastic containers that are see through or labeled nicely. This might be a rental, and the occupant doesn’t want to put holes in the wall for shelves or what is stored under the bed is not suitable for open storage. Each room, each home has it own unique storage configuration and solutions.

by domino


Ikea Fintorp System


Open Storage:

This is tidy kitchen organization. There is a place for everything.  Adding three storage units has optimized organization. The large shelf, the hanging rod, and the magnet board for knives.  Nothing is in a drawer or behind a door. Using our kitchen counters and backsplash to good effect can increase the storage factor and the lift the visual experience as well. Everything does need to be clean & shiny. This counter is a prime location. Remember to keep handy what you use often. Your favorite books and tools.

Closed Storage:

A lot of this depends on your personal style. You may need things to be behind a door. How about these scenarios? This is the before of a cabinet that is trying to be a coffee station. How can this be optimized?

before iheartorganizing

Cabinet Style & Organization:

Isn’t this a terrific look? The dark background really sets this off nicely. Adding hooks, more shelves and good see through containers makes a huge difference. Kitchen organization is so valuable, it is a public room, its a room that get a lot of use. It’s where everyone loves to be. It a good example of making a place for each thing. When it’s time for find it – you know where it is. When it’s time  put it away – you know where it goes. Optimizing storage. Not only does it hold more better – it looks fantastic. Great style!

after by I heart organizing

Optimizing Your Vertical Space:

Using your vertical wall space is an excellent way to maximize your home’s storage capacity. This tiny office has spacious storage. This is very budget friendly as well. It does take a bit of work to install these shelves, but you get the same useable space if you were to add a bookcase, again you are going vertical. Open shelving is great because you can be creative with placement, the wall color comes through more, so it looks less like a big box.


Cubbies & Baskets:

This is more vertical space being put to good use! (figure 2) Optimization has been increased with baskets, cubbies and hooks.  These mudrooms are great because they are a good place for all that we accumulate with our coming and going. A mudroom is a hardworking room, it might be you don’t have one of these.  In which case you may have to keep your stuff more prettily arranged as in this hallway below. Neat and tidy is an ongoing job, and when you have someplace to put things, you know where they are when you want them. All of this stuff needs housekeeping. The baskets in figure two look like books and magazines. I don’t know if they are library books but still they should be current. You don’t want Dr. Zeus when all your kids are in High School. Do you?

by stagetecture

Steven Sclaroff

Pale Blue and Bright Red Living Room

You would never say this room’s color scheme is red, white and blue. There is so much gray and pale blue. Red is the accent color. The bright red sofa is the focal point. The spectacular red sculpture and the sofa on the window wall is perfection. The neutral drape tones the room a bit. This room is on the fence I think. Between calm and dynamite. Quite a nice feat for designer Schlaroff!

Blue and gray are the dominant colors. Dominant in the space they cover, but not dominant in the power they convey.

Pale Blue and Bright Red Bedroom

Our next room works with pale blue as well. And lots of neutrals. The bright red bunk bed is our focal point. The pale blue chair talks beautifully with the pale blue wall art. The red throw blankets at the end of the beds make a nice contribution. They give the bunk bed someone to talk to, the same as the chair and the art. The bunk bed becomes the accent and the focal point, the same as the red sofa above. Designing a great room is quite a big job.


by Madeleine Stuart


Paint Enchanting Sky Dunn-Edwards by Desgner Emily Henry

Blue Bedroom

I do love this blue room! The flag can come down easily, but why? I like to change, rotate my art, depending on my mood or the season. Emily is a dang good designer! What color ideas, design ideas can you take away from this gorgeous room? The vignettes are excellent should you want to copy them. The blue on the wall and bedding is perfection if that’s what you want to take away. This bedroom looks so ship-shape and yet do you see all the rustic elements? What a lovely way to combine your accessories to make the room look lived in and yet smartly designed.

The blue walls are really a  strong blue. It’s not navy blue, but it’s not pale blue either. And notice not all the walls are painted blue. The adjoining wall is white, which fits in nicely with the red, white and blue theme. This medium blue wall needs the white wall and the neutral carpet to balance, offset the strong blue.

Click here for our Newsletter: BI #272 Decorating with Red, White and Blue

Bright Blue Bedroom:

Blue bedrooms are perfect because it’s a well-known calm color. Blue is the number one favorite color.
This Blue (below) is a bit of a mix. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue. These colors create a high energy bedroom. The blue comes off a bit bright. And coordinates well with the bright red. So I’ve contradicted myself. High energy and calming blue. We are working with opposite colors and these colors are not muted or softened. Rules are made to be broken! The bright white here as opposed to the neutrals in our first bedroom make for the higher vibe. Our next blog will be muted blues and reds!

by Designer Lindsey Coral