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Masculine Bedding:

This bed wants to be made nice and tidy. The bed clothes are a simple comforter and four pillows. The wheels are really the fantastic thing about this bedroom. There are brakes. Thank goodness. Daniel or David sleeps here; I think he is quite happy. He loves his bedroom, do you? The designed vignette of airplane photo, the oversized alphabet letter D and the abacus are making quite a dramatic focal point (not the bedding). The boring bedding helps you fall safely asleep and take off wild and crazy in your dreams.  The red drape and the red D are adding good color. Masculine, Handsome and Fun!

Feminine Bedding:

Now the below bed clothes are quite another matter. The bedding is the focal point. A powerful pink wall, but let’s concentrate on the bedding. The pink is there in a big way and that’s why the wall is covered with bright fuchsia. Dramatic blue-green pendant lighting on either side of bed the bedspread has a paler version of the bright aqua. Oh, yes and the square ottomans at the foot of the bed.  This is quite a darling composition and I’m sure the woman in this room is delighted every time she comes home.


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This bedroom is tidy. It has been designed for children. It is tough job to keep things this tidy, but teaching children to put things away is very smart. Having a place, enough space for the toys, games, books is good design.
Thinking, planning well in advance is very important in having a space that looks so good, because everything is put away. Beautiful doesn’t happen all by itself.

These entry doors are awesome. The huge glass windows and fantastic view are doing their part as well. Good design again means that you need less to make a statement as the line is making the statement for you. The square windows, the rectangle glass for the door. And then the thoughtful, important texture. I don’t see a place to hang your hat, but then again I’m sure this is the front door for guests. We have been talking about editing. Editing for summer. Making less appealing. Cooler, lighter, brighter. I think we have done a very good job. Enjoy your summer!

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This bathroom design is crisp and clean. Tidy. It is designed beautifully. I have heard these tubs called sculpture and I have to agree. There is nothing to distract your eye from the beautiful line. The heat of summer is far away. The curves of the tub, sinks and faucets are enough. The straight lines of the floor mirror frame and molding allow your eye to move along smoothly. The soft towels. The fabulous variety of texture make this simplicity enough.  You travel with your eye and your mind somewhere restful and peaceful just as pictured in the standing trees. Where is the soap? Do you fold the towel each time you use it? This is not  a place that ‘looks lived in’ I will grant you that. But it looks mighty fine. Being able to appreciate a room with all of our senses is fabulous design.

by Blakes of London

Many of us would be aghast with this almost blank wall and floor and perhaps this is extreme editing. It is an excellent example of having a place for everything and everything in its place. Good Design! We can’t do without things – a lot of things, but we do need a place for them. We can’t accumulate without ever tossing the old, battered, forgotten, too big or too small. Housekeeping is a constant.



by Domino

Editing is brutal. Editing makes for beautiful. Our Thursday newsletter this week is about how less is more. Editing for summer is refreshing! There is nothing in this bedroom but a bed and a table. No color other than black and white. Designing is knowing how to put things together, but just enough things. The black wall adds the high drama. The white bedding adds the sumptuous comfort. I hope that is a lamp on the wall or maybe these guys don’t read in bed. Is there anything missing? A bench for putting socks on? We are seeing a corner of the room, but we trust this beautiful room is balanced and has the same simplicity throughout.


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Laminated Glass:

Laminated glass means that the glass won’t crack and splinter when impacted. CGI gives this description of laminated and insulated: “Laminated Hurricane Impact Resistant Glass is comprised of two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer. Laminated glass is the primary hurricane barrier used in impact resistant windows. Laminated glass is also used in the windshields of cars. Hurricane impact resistant [glass] products use a thicker sandwich of glass and special film interlayer to make the glass unit stronger. Laminated glass also eliminates 99% of UV rays, reduces noise transmission, provides enhanced security protection for your home, and reduces the air conditioning and heating portion of your energy bill.”

Insulated Glass:

“Insulated Laminated Glass adds an extra single pane of glass to the laminated glass unit with a hermetically sealed air space (or gas filled space) in between. This glass is generally more expensive but offers enhanced energy performance. The air or gas filled space serves as an insulator between the temperature difference that exists between the inside and the outside. Although it is more useful in colder climates, it does improve the performance of LoE coatings and in some cases architects or local building departments are requiring its use.”

LoE Glass:

LoE is Low Emissive and this is truly amazing! I’m just learning this so let me quote the experts.

LoE coatings are applied to the internal glass surface to separate heat energy (long wave) and light energy (short wave). The heat energy (long wave) is reflected back to the heat source and the short wave can pass through the coating. CGI offers high performance coatings on its insulated laminated products.” Low-E coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. read more  

So we can live in glass houses. Everyone can enjoy the view. Glass windows are a real treasure. Glass started out as the jewelry coating of beads. There is a naturally occurring glass, volcanic glass obsidian that Stone Age societies used for making sharp cutting tools. Glass making got a good start during the end of the Roman Empire. As most things it was a luxury item and then it became an everyday luxury.


A Bamo Design

by Sagrera Brazil Design


Window Walls:

Window Walls were not available until the industrial age and plate glass making processes were perfected.

Fenestration is not common lay terminology. The building trades use it because fenestration includes all openings to a home, whether doors or windows. The word originates circa “1870 in the anatomical sense, noun of action from Latin fenestrare, from fenestra “window, opening for light,” perhaps from Etruscan. Meaning “arrangement of windows” is from 1846.”

Thermal Windows:

From plate glass we moved on to thermal glass, layered glass that provides a protective barrier against hot and cold.

“High thermal resistance can be obtained by evacuating or filling the insulated glazing units with gases such as argon or krypton, which reduces conductive  heat transfer due to their low thermal conductivity. Performance of such units depends on good window seals and meticulous frame construction to prevent entry of air and loss of efficiency.” Wikipedia

A window allows light, a breeze and a view to penetrate our homes. We are happier with these blessings and so is our nursery, if we are so inclined. Plants, puppies or children.

The light from a picture window is good for this oasis.

by Designer Lucas Allen

Windows with a View:
What is your house made of? Wood, Concrete and Steel frame are the most popular. This is important when considering what kind of windows and installation options are available to you. The inner structure is sealed. Well I have skipped a huge part of the process. I mean to say when you build a house, the frame is complete – you need to weatherproof, insulate, make it air tight and moisture resistant with Tyvek. When you complete one step you need to insure that it is secure. Like a new window needs caulking. I’m not an expert on windows or anywhere near one. But I appreciate the complexity of a building and the many necessary details that make a house a dependable structure. I always work with a team of experts. And I’m reminded of these details because of the CEU I enjoyed last week. 🙂

Glass window walls (below) are popular and beautiful. Insulated against hot and cold.

We could spend some time on design style – where I am an expert! Our first room is very organic. The view, the rough accessories of timber at the end of bed and the flower pot stands. The nubby carpet fabric and soft relaxed bedding make you feel outdoorsy. Rumpled.  The large window and consequent view make you a part of nature.

Modern City View:

There is not the same nubby content is this room. (below) Square furnishings mimic the square structures outside. Again, bringing the outdoor in. A city view is as spectacular as a forest primeval. Mystery and allure is around every corner, the same as it is lurking behind every tree. Window design and installation for a small building is I’m sure a different matter entirely than a small residential building. But we want to be warm and dry in either.

by Terrat Elms Design

August Feine Show House Buffalo NY

Rooms with a purpose:
If we leave NYC and travel North to Buffalo NY, we find the August Feine House. This was the venue for their 2017 Show House. As most Show Houses are fund raisers, this address is close to the Hospital and will become the Hospitality House for patients and family traveling to Buffalo for medical care. Congratulations to all those involved! The house will be renovated again so it can fill the needs of those who need a place to rest and encourage others. Really gorgeous rooms!

Room for Two:
This bedroom is a different picture. We have traveled to Chicago and our visiting the Lake Forest Show House 2017. This room is the complete opposite of our first bedroom in so many ways. This is a teen bedroom. It’s very modern. Can we appreciate the difference between Modern’s simplicity of line and the Colonial’s curviness? Gorgeous depends on what you love. Beauty lives in the eye of the beholder. Of course function comes first and this bedroom is for two young people. Today’s young person doesn’t come from spindles, ruffles and comfortable plaids. The first bedroom looks like a room you could be comfortable in all day. The sofa and side chair, the mini-bar, the trunks filled with fabulous treasures. This girls room looks like you get up and bang! your off!

by Designer Jeannie Balsam


Designer Robert Stern

Gorgeous after second look:

I hesitated sharing this Kips Bay room with you. (above) Seeing it as a whole – it didn’t quite make sense to me. The bright yellow wall with the yellow sofa against it. The orange medallions on the fireplace didn’t fit either. The dark paneled wall is so handsome but paired with the modern yellow sofa is a little off-putting I thought.

But I’ve changed my mind. Let me show you why. As mentioned earlier, designers don’t want to play it safe. The Designers at Kips Bay are looking for new ways to do the same old thing. Seating, carpet, lighting and color are being handled by very creative minds and hearts. The system used here, of one color here and another color there, is the rave style of color blocking. We see it in fashion and we see it interiors. I have added a Kate Spade dress for you. (below) It’s a very stunning look.


by Designer Kate Spade

Color Blocking:

The yellow sofa, the blue chair, the green sofa don’t mix or blend. They are blocks of color. Just like Kate Spade’s dress. It’s quite a glamorous look. Well, I know I like it. I didn’t like it at first glance, but I loved it at second glance.

Now take a look at this corner or this side of this room. This looks quite friendly and comfortable. Don’t you just want to be in this room, with a cup of tea, listening to someone play the piano? There would be four of you seated, (including the pianist) maybe a hanger-onner leaning on the piano. Totally handsome and beautiful. The crowd and the room.

Gorgeous Rooms
This room, with this background information of color blocking in mind, does make sense. The room now has an energy, a delight – like a child with his blocks of different colors in different piles. Or in a manner that doesn’t make sense to the ‘adult’ traditional mind. Admiring and taking notes from those who are the leading edge of design is quite fun. You learn. You imitate. You delight.

Take your time with new things. They may be a little or a lot different. But you may over time get accustomed to them or see the advantages. Sometimes things don’t look good on the hanger but they look great on.

Perhaps you didn’t like fish or caviar the first time you tried it, but now you LOVE it. Getting out of our box is great fun!



Designers: Fitzgibbons and Ford

This is the Kips Bay opulent room I referenced as neutral in LLI Beautiful Interiors this week.  We are going to look at specific design details that turn these rooms to wonderful.  As far opposite neutral as you can get.
This room is by Designers Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford

We did mention the purple sofa and blue coffee table. What about art over the fireplace? I saved that for right now!

Doesn’t that pop you out of neutral? Notice the drapes and the urn on the round foyer table. They are 100% traditional  and expected. Even the carpet is great but it’s not breathtaking. Add one or two wow pieces and it takes your room to a whole new level. The small timber in the fireplace are gilded! Small touches – important touches. The gold chandelier leads the way with gold accessories.

Designer: Ken Fulk

Let’s go to Designer Ken Fulk’s vibrant Dining Room. Here is the fireplace and dining table.  When you look at the room as a whole, it does appear to be blue and green. Reviewing carefully you appreciate how much green is in the room. The wallpaper background is a soft blue and does a great deal to soothe your yikes of the strong green. The neutral floor is also doing a great job of balancing these strong colors, green blue and pink.

We review these trendy, design savvy rooms with you to inspire you. To learn how we might add some of this exciting energy, this savvy design to our own rooms. We said in our BI newsletter to ‘throw out fear’. There is no need to behave or play it safe when creating rooms we love. You do want to create a room you can live in 24/7. You do want a room that reflects you and your family. But what about a piece of outrageous art or drapes in some color or pattern you adore? Go for it!

by Ken Fulk