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Adding wallpaper to a large room is a fabulous way to bring cozy into the picture. Of course it doens’t have to say cozy, but the room will become more approachable, liveable and visual.

If you pick the wrong wallpaper, that would magnify or emphasize the large room – so do work with a professional. See what this designer has done to decorate a large room? The neutral color of the wallpaper draws you in, the same with the soft bedding and the grid art display. Again the carpet defines the bed – which is the focal point. The two lamp sconces are like exclamation point! Very prettily done.

The painted white floor and white sheets offset the deep blue and browns. Very important to have enough of everything that makes a room perfect. It’s not a rigid formula, and there are a lot of way to make things work.


by homedit

Having large furniture for a large room is the easiest way to decorate a large room. These sectionals do take up a lot of room – so they are perfect. This is a minimalist room, very modern. We could say this is color blocking, large splashes of color, the white sofas, the black cocktail table. Color blocking is the opposite of blending or repeating your colors. The use of texture in this room is minimal but effective. Remember you may not like this style, but it is still very good. Many people don’t like ‘things’ they make them feel claustrophobic – this is serenity for them. This means organization and comfort. It does free up the mind. Well we know it makes many people happy but not everybody. This is why we need to know who we are and what we like.

Scandinavian Design

Leave it to the Scandinavians to try this! Decorate your room at the same level you are! With a super-high ceiling why not bring things down to a more livable location? The high ceiling doesn’t need emphasis when it’s already more than ten feet high. I don’t think the footprint is too large for this bedroom, but it does have the very high ceilings. Another trick they used, that we have referenced, is breaking the wall height with molding or architectural detailing. This room has been made cozy despite the high ceilings and tall windows.

by Sarah Richardson

In addition to the chair molding you can also add a different color to one or the other of these two walls as Designer Sarah Richardson has done with this living room. Again it breaks up the space – so it doesn’t look so huge and or empty. Adding color and the trim makes the room unique, make it home.  Staying with neutrals keeps the space expansive, adding the pillows makes it welcoming and charming. The same with her collection of candlesticks – what we display personalizes the room and invites inspection.

Designing Large Rooms. What have we learned so far?

1. Divide the space with furniture.
2. Use Sofa tables for a more defined line
3. Carpet can outline the two or more seating areas you have
4. Color block your seating so they are not the same, so they stand out as unique (opt)
5. Remember the pillows and your collections that make each space unique
6. Large room – Large or multiple focal points

There is always more to talk about and more to see. Thank you for visiting and your comments and questions are welcome.


by Wick Design

The pastel here is done deftly. Just a soft throw. The room has a totally different vibe than the rooms we discussed in Color 101 and Color 102. The green art on the side wall is the counterpoint to the bed, which is the focal point. The soft blue art mimics the soft throw. This is so casually arranged but it probably took hours to arrange.  Forgive me for going off subject, but the bedframe is mirrored in the art frame tucked inside the canopy. The hanging chair’s grid pattern is reflective or repeated in the chandelier. When I use the word counterpoint, I mean that the big green art balances the bed and canopy.

by Ken Gemes

Occasional Chairs:
These soft green chairs are adding a soft color to this serene living room. Again the art and the fireplace are the focal point.

The drapes blend beautifully – they are not adding excitement like the orange in Color 101. Again what mood do you want to create. The pillows are the same pale colors, whispers. The pattern in this room are important points of interest. The medium repeat in the carpet, the pillows circles, the soft stripe in the drape. The architectural wall detailing has become vital as well.

The walls are white and the room would be a bit more brighter if they were a soft green. Look at our third example.

by decorators best

Pastel Walls:
This lavender dining room is quite powerful despite the soft color. The two pops strong color, the pink bouquet and the bright lavender door header add energy as do the retro dining chairs and the black console. So really this pastel has become powerful with these two additions. Compare these two rooms. Number one stays soft – no arguments. Number two becomes exciting despite the soft color because of the accessories, the furniture style, the shiny table top and let’s not forget the chandelier nor the crown molding.

Color is an awesome tool. Anything is possible. Learn what you love. Start an inspiration file, either digital or paper.

by Florence-Boudoux

Delineate with carpet & furniture:
Large rooms can be as problematic as small rooms. They can be more scary just because of their size. Lots of floor space, extravagantly high ceilings, rooms with a view, no view, lots of windows, minimal windows. It’s true each room is unique and so are the people who live there. But designers and their blogs are here to assist!

This designer has used the furniture to delineate different functions for this large beautiful room. The gray and lilac color scheme is knock your socks off gorgeous. Look at the bottle arrangement on the cocktail table and those incredible floor lamps!

Columns and Architectural Details:
Columns usually signify a load bearing wall, but when they are gorgeous you can ignore that important function. They are taking up a lot of visual space, though. Keep columns in mind when decorating a large room, or designing a huge room. Or renovating, combining several rooms to make an enormous room. Furniture doesn’t have to be tiny. Those sofas are probably six or seven feet long. And notice there is not need to have see through furniture. There is a ‘flounce’ on the sofas.

Florence Boudoux has added two cocktails tables as well. You often see three small cocktail tables in a medium size room, But this twosome adds a stunning dynamic. They are not the same shape.

Strong Statements – Large Art
The color scheme is as different from soft lilac as you can venture. Orange, yellow and blues. The bright red on the far wall in the adjoining room also declares it’s individuality. Most everything leans toward Modern, yet the vintage bottles and the classic columns are holding their own.

I guess the point of the last paragraph is that if you have this much space, you can afford big art and big statements.   Size wise, which can, be but doesn’t have to be monetarily.

LR by Nate Berkus Elle Decor. Carpet by Anne Coyle

How to figure it out?
This is a classic way to figure out what to do with a large room. Decide how big your room is and how many seating areas it would hold comfortably and then establish each one with a carpet. Floating your furniture is smart in any room, but in a large room, it’s imperative.  Sketching this with paper and pencil first is an excellent idea. What do you want to do in each area? Read, nap, visit, take tea, work space?

We are not sure what is happening on the third cowhide carpet closest to us, but we can assume quite confidently that it is another seating area as the three we see are keeping company with tables and chairs. Nate has maintained unity using white carpets as the foundation, and the gorgeous tile/stone floor keeps your eye flowing smoothly from space to space.

This is really quite a Zen space with all the neutrals. It is calming despite the large stripe and the animal print ottomans. The black and whites against the pale blue walls are dominant – the only clap your hand moment is the wingless wingback. These rooms are awesome, as are the occupants and their designers.

by Elle Décor Jean Louis Deniot – Carpet

Small Dining Made Grand

This is a small dining room. What has been done to optimize the room? As always Elle Décor has done a brilliant job of making this room inviting despite it’s diminutive size. Pattern is in the lovely carpet. The wallpaper is quiet but interesting. Of course the dining set is minimal, seating only four, but there are times when you do need to consider function. You can add an oversized bed or an oversized chair to a tiny bedroom or living room, but in a dining room this doesn’t work. The table takes up less visual and real space being round. It is easier to navigate with no corners to bump into. And the pedestal has slender legs that don’t interrupt your view of the carpet. The same with the chairs. You may not like the chairs, but this a great example of if it works, it’s great.

Adding Height & Depth

Height has been added to the room with the almost to ceiling draperies. The chandelier also captures your eye, adding drama to the soft grays. Quite a bit has been done to create a very pretty space, in a very small room. If the view is breathtaking – then invite me for tea. Or if there is cream with the scones.


See Through Furniture

For emphasis we will review this living room. Do you see how pattern has been added to the floor via the carpet? The furniture except for the skirted tablecloth can  be seen ‘through’ There are no pieces that make your eye stop, like a sofa flounce or furniture that has no legs and becomes a bulky box. The windows are very valuable in a small room. If there were no windows, mirrors would be a good idea. Another great idea is to have art that allows your eye to travel inside. Over hills, under water, depending on your theme. This would be pretty with a lovely landscape.

by Bill James

Add Art

This art by Bill James with the soft colors much like a Monet would be beautiful and allow your eye someplace to go other than a bare wall. Just like a window. There is quite a bit you can do to make a small room large. Have at it!

Next Blog is what to do with an oversized room! Stay tuned.

by Designer Susanne Fellman

Drapes & Pillows:
This room is so colorful you wouldn’t say it was a neutral room at first glance, but aside from the orange drapes, pillows and throw this fantastic room is in fact nothing but shades of brown. And the blue tiled fireplace is very nice. You have to love these strong colors to use them in such a way. Drapes are usually a huge investment, and there are lots of windows in this room. You can’t change out drapes as easily as a pillow. Blue and orange are complimentary colors and that’s what makes this room so powerful. Orange is like red, it’s a warm color with lots of power.

The strength of the orange is balanced with the blue fireplace and the two ancient throne chairs, or reproductions. The stripe carpet adds charm and geometric pattern. This room makes a strong statement, the colors are strong, the furniture is strong, the fireplace is boasting it’s blue. The striped carpet is not wimpy. Well maybe wimpy is not a good word, shall we say it is not a quiet stripe.

by Bunny Williams

Art is a fabulous way to add color to your room. We touched on this in our Thursday Newsletter, Beautiful Interiors.
This huge piece of art is the focal point, but I’m not sure which came first the plaid chairs or the art. Art tends to be the focal point of any room.  I guess we have to say the art came first because notice the soft green of the drape is a perfectly matched in the soft greens in the upper portion of the Chinoiserie art.  This is a medium intensity blue. Not pastel and not cobalt blue either.

We will look at soft color for Color 103. Come back and visit us or subscribe!


Problem Room by uglyhousephotos

Is this Your Typical?

This may be the norm for most households, for most families. And it is true – you think the norm is whatever your grew up with. That doesn’t mean it’s the best or the only way to live. I don’t mean to wax philosophical, only to rattle your cage and say we can do better than this. Things are important, but we don’t need VHS or cassette tape collections anymore! It is tough love, but to cope with todays hectic life style we need to make our homes pretty and organized. Vice Versa. Form follows funtion.

First thing that needs to be fixed is the clutter! There is entirely too much stuff in this room. We will go so far as to say junk, I will show you a room that is overflowing with stuff and when done right it is gorgeous. There is a lack of storage in this room or in other rooms. This room looks like the entire family was visiting for the weekend and somehow a picture was taken.

This room is too brown. The art is not hung with a theme in mind, there is no focal point. What are those silver discs on the far wall? They should have some prominence. This room would make a perfect man cave. But it still needs to be de-cluttered and attractively arranged. I rant and rave – but this room needs it! The landscape pictures need to be hung together, the family pictures need to be arranged together.

How to Fix a Problem Room:

Step one: Remove the clutter from each of the tables. End tables, desks, coffee tables, media centers ALL OF THEM!
Step two: Take down all the wall art and sort. What do you love and what works with the room’s theme – that’s all that gets to stay.
Step three: Decide what you want to happen, what needs to be done in this room. Is it the family room, is it the office, is it the living room? Is it all three? That is totally doable, all three. You just ‘section’ the room by function, with furniture and/or carpet, etc.
Step four: Decide on a budget. Nothing but elbow grease and/or $500.
Step five: Implement


by emily henderson

The Results are so Worth the Work!

This is done with elbow grease and a lot more than $500. But it does show the feasibility of multi-function in one room. Neither is it a man-cave. But if it is one thing we do very well – it is show you the options. This room by Emily Henderson has white walls and lots of windows. Lots of beautiful natural lights. That is something that could be implemented in your problem room. If there are no windows use light and bright colors. No BROWN!You love brown? It’s stain repellent. That constraint can be worked with as well. But again you must get rid of the extraneous stuff. Or put it away. It’s smarter to take pictures of it if is there sentimental value and donate the stuff rather than store it. Space is at a premium. All space needs to be well-cared for, tended.

before not by Emily Henderson

Compare. Draw your own conclusions.

This is the room before, do you see the similarities between our first picture and this room? 1.)Too much stuff. 2.) No theme. 3.) Everything everywhere – no zones.

A lot can be done with only elbow grease and bags. Donation, Consignment & Trash.