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Our bedroom can be quite the perfect space to reflect quietly. It already is off limits to everyone except you and your partner. The bedroom has to be neat as a pin. No clutter. No clutter. No clutter. Of course the same is true with our entire home, if we want the ability to enjoy the space and the things we love there can not be the distraction of clutter, of accumulation.

Working with colors that are muted, neutral, or calm like this blue is always a consideration when creating a Zen space. This is why it’s a good idea to consider a small portion of a room or a room that is not used regularly. You can optimize the room, the niche with just the right colors and accessories.

I love how this bedroom allows for options. Sitting at the desk or the armchair. The bed is perfect for a horizontal pose. You could think about this, make it a destination. A ‘I can’t wait’ event that helps us get through a hectic or difficult day.

Having rewards in place is a great way to manage life’s challenges. A beautiful home, a home that has been designed with you and your family in mind is so valuable. Make your home a place you all love to be. A place you can’t wait to be there. A place you really don’t like leaving every morning. It’s a great idea to love what you do. Then you can be in one or the other. But even with a job you love there are the challenges life brings to all of us and it’s good to restore ourselves regularly through the ancient method of meditation.

This is our third in our Personal Oasis series. I hope you have enjoyed the rooms that have been designed to be a place for reflection, meditation. Any ideas you have or questions are always welcome. Thank you for visiting. ūüôā

by Time Street Porter

If this room is a personal oasis I think the seating area needs a bit of modification, unless the room is already a secondary room, such as a home office or a family room that’s used in the evening. I would turn one of these comfortable chairs so I’m not facing the center of room unless I’m sure the room is mine. Another idea would be create a space between the chairs and the French doors.

I think is a good time to bring up the point of privacy, intimacy – a place – a time we have blocked out for ourselves. It would be like invisible tape or marker that says ‘my space – my time’. It does bring to mind the idea of cozy, something small and private. A spacious, large room doesn’t fit the requirements of quiet time. There are no borders which declare we are safe, alone. A large spacious room says welcome, visit, what can I get you? Cozy says alone and quiet.

Domino photography by Diana Lovering via Design Chaser

I used this example in my Thursday Newsletter, Beautiful Interiors. I show it here because the carpet, the corner shows a physical boundary, the carpet makes the outline that says mine. Even in a yoga class full of students – your mat quantifies your space.

We interact all day in so many ways – alone time becomes a necessity. Create your personal oasis.

by Tria Giovan

This is from a post calling our Zen space, a corner of calm. How delightful is that? When we use a corner, we have nested, there is some privacy. It even might be appropriate to designate this space as yours. Defining it as yours with your favorite things, such as your guitar would be perfect. Whatever you do to escape, to calm yourself could be great decorating objects de art. A basket filled with your yarn, a stack of books. Objects that inspire you. Art that inspires you.

by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Natural light that can be modified with a curtain or shade is great. With this beautiful window and view it might be nice to tone down the brightness of the afternoon sun. Alternatives are important, perhaps you start or end your day with quiet time, then you would need soft lighting. Candles are always welcome but we always need to be careful.

With both these examples do you see how we are defining our space, creating a boundary? We could do this with time as well. This is mommie’s from five to six in the morning and daddie’s from five to six in the evenings.

There is a great deal learned from establishing boundaries and then maintaining them. Respect for another’s time and space. Taking care of your own ‘mess’ so the one after you has room to play, meditate or work.

A tablet for recording any beautiful thoughts or conclusions is a great idea as well. When we clear our mind through meditation, we allow room for important matters to surface.

Notice both rooms have fresh flowers or live plants. Both have comfortable seating. Another reason for pillows curtains and carpet, it makes the space soft Рphysically and acoustically. Many experts for a long time have espoused the value of quiet time each day. Time to reflect. Time to prioritize. Down time from the busyness of life. Hope your Oasis is beautiful and comforting.

by Alan Design Studio

I know copper isn’t making it to the ‘new and fabulous’ but since this isn’t the bright and shiny copper that was popular, but a vintage copper we will give it a big approval. Design trends are including vintage. Vintage everything. Old tile patterns, old tubs, fabric that is scruffy.

The dramatic black/green peacock tile is vogue and making our bathrooms more spa-like is still wildly popular. It is a big investment, but if you are building new or remodeling why not try one or all of these splendid ideas?

Working with such a dark tile takes a lot of design savvy. The pale green floor balances the dark walls. The copper tub and the gold trim on the windows add a necessary and welcome glitter. The grout is on the light side, thereby giving each  tile a very individual pane, allowing the green and golds to dance about, reflecting off each other. The sumptuous softness of the chair creates a high contrast of the impenetrable tile and tub. The same with the small vase of brambles, no straight lines in this bouquet. The round side table, soft chair and round edges of the tub are equal partners against the checkered walls and floor. This is an excellent example of handsome design.

Amsterdam Design Hotel by Saar Zafrir

Vintage is storming back into popularity. Of course we know that every twenty years things are renewed. Nothing is gone forever. The copper tub is proof. This is a Design Hotel in Amsterdam, the designer is Saar Zafrir. Working with vintage materials, materials that are not obviously brand-spanking-new is trending. The industrial touch of lighting is still going strong. Vintage adds history to a room. It gives it a sense of belonging, a sense of comfort. The bulletin board with yellowed and tattered announcements and advertisements is perfect for adding that feeling of ‘somewhere else in time’.¬†¬†The beauty of the simple, of the worn, is a welcome version of beautiful. Things don’t have to glitter like a diamond to be treasures. Of course, what you love at heart is important to realize. If you want bling and this is what your travel agent booked for you, communication was not one hundred percent or even close.

posted by Hashbrook


This is bling. Shiny red, glittery chandelier and clean straight lines. Quite a difference. Both are beautiful. It’s smart to know what you love, what you feel like this time. Reds are a great way to make a statement. A strong, warm color – it has a lot to say. This bathroom, gorgeous, doesn’t make you want to stay – like our first bathroom. What a difference color and texture make.

These two extreme examples and with everything in between, highlight the diversity of good design. It really is possible to design something perfect just for you. Something unique. You are – your home should be as well.

Happy 2017!

by Scott Sanders

With soft lighting, candles and two glasses of wine this room constitutes romantic. Remember that seating has to be for two, it has to be comfortable. Of course the room can’t be a mess and it can’t be cluttered. Romance usually involves seduction of some sort. Persuasion. It could be a love interest. It could be your boss. A new friend. A client. Meeting at Starbucks or a lovely restaurant has multiple benefits, but so does sharing your home.¬† I’m a little torn about that one, I don’t want to do the dishes either. But we all have a home, why not share the wealth?

Notice the variety in seating? Good design always calls for chairs that are easy to pull in and out depending on crowd size. When two come in they may sit on opposites ends of the sofa or across the room from each other. But as time passes maybe the mood changes, the conversation becomes more personal and the two can become closer. Not that I’m talking about passion or seduction, but conversation between best friends is different than strangers. Talking about bills and where are we going for vacation is different than talking about the children, loosing a job or¬†getting a new one!

I realize I’m stretching this pretty thin. But I do want to emphasize the value of changing the mood in our home, in a room. Our homes are the place, are our base for all of our activities and how wonderful if we can create the right environment with a few quick changes.

by Alan Design Studio

Can you see the difference with these heavier pieces? The room is big enough that you can have a semblance of privacy in a room of eight or ten people. But it will never say cozy like our first example. If you were to turn the two blue Рpink pillowed chairs so they face each other, and two people lean in toward each other to exchange secrets, then you would have intimacy. You can tell that I adore furniture arranging!

Lampada 061 by Dimore Studio

Still in the first quarter of the New Year! What have you planned for your home this year? Like everything else our home needs regular attention. Why is that? Like fresh coffee in the morning and your favorite pastry. I’m reading James Patterson’s Paris just now and the hero and his sidekick are enjoying a Parisian Croissant, nothing like it in America, they say. I’m sure that their butter and flour is a completely different animal than ours, let alone the pastry chef. I really believe that the environment, every single place is unique and creates something special. Our ability to enjoy something fresh, something new, something different, a new high – is part of what makes us human. We thrive on learning something new, doing something different.

How about this light, this chandelier, this sculpture to create something different, a startling surprise, a welcome grin every time you enter the room? Something wonderful to light up your space. The Celestial is¬†trending and doesn’t this just capture the beauty and miracle of planets in orbit? See more by

We are such a small piece of the universe, it’s good to remind ourselves of how awesome everything and everyone is. When taken against the whole even the largest is just a piece of the whole magnificence.

Furniture, art, fashion, jewelry are all speaking the language of the cosmos. This beautiful Valentino dress is a good example of surrounding yourself with the stars.

by Valentino

As always, remember there are small, medium and large ways to add surprises or something new to your home. It doesn’t have to be a grand transformation. A new piece of art. A new wall color. A new vignette for your cocktail table.

Changing the art over the mantle will entirely change the mood of the delightful room below. The same is true with the greens alongside. What a great way to get ready for a party, a retreat weekend, or to make a seasonal change. Making your home a place you love to be needs to be a priority, whether we have a cottage by the sea, a mansion on a mountain or a pied-a-terre, in the city.

The green splashes¬†in the¬†living room by Henriette is using the color¬†trend for 2017. With so much white, it’s easy to add color as you like it. The green in the mantle art is really close to the 2017¬†‘Greenery’ – the boy playing the piano with his flippers on¬†is just magical and fun. The pale green ottoman ties the greens together making the bottom of the green triangle. Really an excellent example of balance, proportion and repetition.


by Henriette Von Stockhausen, VSP Interiors

We know this is a romantic room, the proof is in the baby’s bed. The pink wallpaper is so beautiful.
So lush, romantic. You can feel the soft breeze and the fragrant air is all around you. Soft lights are the stars above you. Whew! What a wonderful way to fall asleep each night.

So pink, soft lights, are romantic leanings, but they are also conducive to so much more. Creating a beautiful room is such a smart way to live. Creating retreats where we can bask in beauty and forget the gridlocks of life is such a welcome addition to anyone’s 24/7.

Wallpaper is expensive, but doing one wall as a feature wall is doable. They are doing wonderful things with paper that can be removed for those of us who rent – or want change more often. Decals are a wonderful way to add romance and worldly culture to a room. Witty sayings are on the way out the experts say, but still a room that says, ‘I love you.’ is a welcome room.

Romance is a fleeting emotion. It needs warm embers to keep it alive. Having a special space where we can relax, maybe it’s soft lights and candles and a simple dinner for two. It’s a bit of work but the good feelings engendered make it a good investment. Creating an experience is the latest rage!

by one_kings_lane_Pink Sofa Photo by Fritz Von der Schulenburg

Here is more pink for you. More romance. More love. You could double date here. Sharing stories is a great way to spend an evening. Being with others helps keep things in perspective. We are not alone. There is always a cheek to kiss and a shoulder to cry on.