by Anthony Baratta

This feature wall is a great example of balance. You are almost torn between the chair and the wall. You appreciate the perfect balance that is between these two items. Then there the is spectacular carpet and chair and pillows with the orange and white ovals. The red wall actually becomes quiet. I may change my mind and say the carpet the focal point. Although I am hard pressed.

The contemporary style does not change an iota here. Every single piece raves bold and modern. The repetition does soothe the mind as one follows the patterns around the room. This is not for everybody, but everybody needs, wants, loves something different. We all want beautiful rooms, and there are so many ways to create a room that delights each person. You can have a handsome feature wall or you can have an outrageous carpet. Your pick.

Notice that all the colors have the same intensity, this is important when combining colors,  The blue, red, yellow and greens all have the same strength. Designer Baratta has done a fantastic job of designing a great space with more than a few surprises.

There is a lot to be considered when viewing a room via a photograph. You certainly cannot see the entire room. You don’t know the lighting scenario, how much natural light is coming into the room. This room is so strong I wonder what the rest of the home is like, there usually is a theme that resonates throughout a well-designed home.

It may be the photographer has taken liberties and moved the recliner front and center because it is so awesome and why not make it center stage?

Again lets review and add on to our knowledge of feature walls. Feature wall are the focal point. Every item or most every item, in the room will reflect the style of the focal point. There will be repetition of the color and patterns used, and last but not least, you don’t want to do something this powerful with every room in your home.


by Crownpoint Cabinetry

by Crownpoint Cabinetry

For those of us who love words and inspirational thoughts this would be a marvelous feature wall. Your feature wall is your focal point, so it sets the stage for the room. Everything must tie into, reflect, repeat and balance this intentional eye catcher.

Let’s see how this room by Crownpoint Cabinetry does this. The room is casual rustic. The fireplace is the focal point and the feature wall. The black wall is repeated in the dark stripe in the banquette upholstery, the table legs, the window frames and the picture frame. The neutrals on the wall and floors balance the black wall. The neutrals of the stacked wood and the banquette link.

The proportions  are just right. The large wall and the happy bird fit in well with large table and seating.

Do you notice the repetitions of three? Three points of interest on the fireplace wall, the art has three eggs in the bowl and the table vignette is composed of three, corn stalks, green plant and the glass bottle and stemware.  Three is a number that works beautifully every time.

The bulky table, the industrial look of it, ties in nicely with the black fireplace wall. They are happy together. A dainty table would not fit in quite as nicely. The eagle and the eggs are even a bit of whit, of humor. It’s something you might catch the second time you review the room. It might make you smile every time you see it. The idea of a French Fry is delightful and I’m sure makes everyone grin.

This is the wonder of good design, it engages the senses. It makes you feel good, but it also can make you smile. If that is a chalkboard wall, you could change your picture or change your quote as you like. What a wonderful idea!

A feature wall is quite a stunning design project. It does require good planning and should affect the entire room, you certainly could not do it as an afterthought. I think the table was the starting point or the homeowner wanted the built in fireplace and that was the beginning.  I hope they love birds and maybe that was the starting point. But you do see how a feature wall needs to be well thought out. It’s not like changing the pillows on the sofa. Good luck and have fun!


accent wall colors with brown furniture


Dramatic color and dramatic art make this an exciting living room. It is very comfortable at the same time. Autumn colors are vibrant and jewel toned and this is an excellent example of how to do it right. This is a very adult room I have to say, I can’t imagine youngsters here. Something about it is so seductive. It looks like a bachelorette pad. Everything in the room has to measure up to the focal point, and the art is the focal point. The chandeliers, the stone, or faux stone wall measure up. Floor to ceiling drapes are managing. I’m not liking the shutters too much. This could very easily be a studio apartment done on a budget. And then we love the shutters because they are one hundred percent functional.

We are on trends, so lets get there. Earthy colors, mixed metals and a fantastic feature wall just about does it, don’t you think? Feature walls used to be what we see below, one wall in a different color. Todays feature walls are coming back with more interest than just color, now they may include pattern, collage or a montage.

This feature wall makes more sense because it ties in better. The bed is part of the feature wall, so the teal has company. The white sconce mirrors the wall color. The white bedding brings in the white walls and ceiling. The room stays light and bright and colorful, despite color only being used on one wall and the roman shades.


posted by freshome


pop-sugar Adrian Busse

Layering carpets is another ongoing trend for 2016. This room shared by Pop Sugar is another example of current design trends. Mixed metals, layered carpets and neutral tones throughout the room.

We didn’t talk about textures in Trends 2016 I, so let’s do it with this living room. Decorating with neutrals  necessitates a variety of texture. For nubby we have the larger carpet and the beige rattan chair in the foreground. For matte we have the leather seating and wood floor. Shiny surfaces include the metal side tables and the shiny sections of the fireplace. The foliage is always welcome and adds shape and texture to this room composition. The clay pots are a rough texture and add a lovely contrast to the matte and shine.

Notice that nothing in this room matches, except for the one black chair and it’s ottoman. The room is tied together without the convenience of a ‘set of furniture’. The room makes sense and is cohesive because of repetition of color and shape. The sandy sofa and rattan chair. The gold thread of side tables. The black stone fireplace and leather chair are kissing so they are so happy together. The green plants and the green pillows are another echo that holds this room together.

The view is the focal point, which is why there is no dramatic art or anything that would steal the real show. Yes, fireplaces are typically the focal point, but here they are working in tandem, and the view behind the glass wall has it during the day, the fireplace for the evening.

The outdoors is brought in with the one ‘clay’ pot on the outside, your gaze makes a triangle between the three pots and there is even Buddha giving his blessing.

Something about Autumn and cooler weather makes us want cozy. That is another popular feature of Trends 2016.  Crisp, clean and modern doesn’t make the same statement as cozy does. I believe our troubled times calls for cozy. Always surround yourself with what you love. Modern or cozy.





by Elizabeth Vallino

This is a trend we mentioned for 2016 in our January 14th Beautiful Interiors. Oversized Art – What is so fantastic about this installation is they have opted to hang it off-center. The entry door is opposite this magnificent art and that makes for a stunning entry. Breathtaking. So you can make a note – this is a rule you can break. Art doesn’t have to be centered over the sofa.

The popularity of gray is another trend we see manifest in this modern chic room. It provides a calm backdrop for the exciting art and keeps the room balanced, The large wall, window wall, white ceiling and long sofa and bench are all in good company.

There are so many good lessons in this room designed by Elizabeth Valinno. First, her art is her focal point and that makes two, from this she derives her color scheme.  We learned this as an excellent option in Design School, use art as your starting point. The gray, whites, black and red in the art are repeated throughout the room. Third is her excellent ability to blend pattern. Just focusing on the sofa, there are four to six patterns depending if you count the nubby cocktail table, the carpet,  and the polished floor.

Fourth is repetition. The repeated square pattern throughout the room. How many can you count? At least fifteen squares, many more if you want to take it that far. The squiggle carpet and the round rattan table become very important as does the gentle slope in the wooden bench below the windows.

Variety with height is clearly evident, the large art against the small duet of portraiture and the large window and wall against the low-profile sofa.

by Carrier and Co

by Carrier and Co



Two more trends for Autumn 2016 are neutrals and statement rugs as depicted in this home office by Carrier and Co. Layering rugs is a third for that matter. For all that I adore color, neutrals are just as powerful. Combining metals and not worrying about matchy-matchy is also in evidence here in this remarkable room so full of treasures and at the same time so calming. The shiny gold lamp, the dark industrial bookcase, the shiny chair templates makes up three of the metals calmly co-existing.

There is room for guests and plenty of open storage. The desk could so easily become a table so that the rooms versatility is multiplied many times.

The versatility of rooms is so amazing. Four walls, floor and a ceiling can be fashioned any ole way you love. Work in whatever style you love, with whatever colors you love and with whatever things you love.

Beautiful your rooms. Work with a designer, do it yourself, but my all means Do It!