by Studio Gild

by Studio Gild

The picture gallery, salon style is a ton of work and is the focal point in this living room.

The soft white sofa and orange ottoman are huge as befits the room; everything is proportional. Notice the lamps are matching but the tables are not? The pictures are held together by their neutral tones. A thread of black frames makes the tables fit in nicely with the pillows and throw. Four basic pieces that we can see. That is the simplicity. The grandness emanates from the oversized ottoman and the gallery wall. A beautiful composition.


by decoist

by decoist

This is wallpaper. Makes quite an impression doesn’t it? This is a very tall example of wit. Wit is what awakens humor and pleasure, visually or the spoken word. Doesn’t this blue sky and over-sized cow make you happy?


Bathroom boys covered with license plates from dering hall

Ski Lodge posted by Dering Hall



















Another great example of wit, humor, tongue in cheek art, design, décor. It can be modest wit or huge wit. License plates from everywhere. You decide. If you have been everywhere wouldn’t this be perfect? This might be a wallpaper it looks like real plates, but that’s the beauty of wallpaper.

This is sweetheart wit, unexpected and totally delightful.

BR by Room-Decor- Stay with one Theme

by Room-Décor


Patio city courtyard by Lichten Craig

by Lichten Craig



















Creating something beautiful in a tight spot, a difficult spot is applause worthy. This foliage framed patio, accented with architectural details and filled to the brim with texture makes a passerby smile and the inhabitants grin with delight. The soft green brambles against the rough red brick is convenient magic and the masterful design is evident with the window pane grid, letting the outdoor and indoor mingle.



Beach Cottage LR Eugenia Silva posted by Elle

Designer, Eugenia Silva

















I love bright colors. I love simplicity. This sitting room, guest bedroom is an outstanding example of simple design done brilliantly. The neutral floor and white walls provide a great backdrop for the bold yellow, purple, green and orange in this delightful room.


I love thoughtfulness. This tent, teepee, fort – for a child is so exciting. So many wonderful moments will be enjoyed in this setting. Adults and kids alike!

BR kids tent by susanna Vento Black and white

by designer Susanna Vento




















One can appreciate the timeless popularity of this style. It is so appealing for so many good reasons. Remember that what we surround ourselves with is a reflection of what is going on in our brain. Chaos or simplicity – Panic or Calmness? Good housekeeping is always in order. And so are beautifully designed rooms.

by home-desiging

by home-desiging

Here is some of that beautiful blue. Do you again see the simplicity of the repeated line? The importance of functionality. And all so modest it becomes gorgeous.


Scandinavian/Nordics love their blue and grays. Famous for their lighting as well.
See the wood ceiling and slatted walls? Everything, every time. Blue, gray, lines, the texture, the warmth of wood. How can you go wrong?

DR lanterns-nordicdesign by Ylva Skarp

by Ylva Skarp