Thanksgiving Floral 2014 by Shelterness


















What do you do to demonstrate thankfulness?
A table full of bounty, surrounded by those you love.
Do you travel to be with family?
Do you cook all day, maybe for three days to prepare a table of everybody’s favorites?
A prayer with hand holding and solemn thankfulness.
Everyone shares what they are grateful for.
Do you do the dishes? Bring the Pie?
A wonderful day. The very best to all of us.


Before Garage DWR Blog nov 28 2014

This is the before. It’s an abandoned garage space. A 1938 structure with 14′ ceilings.

Who doesn’t love a before and after? Who can survive a before and after?
A tough couple. The ability to plan, change your mind, find a new solution, agree on most things is a tall order.

by Manifold Arch Studio

by Manifold Arch Studio


Bedroom of the 1960 by HB

Bedroom of the 1960’s by HB














Since we are reviewing the history of the home I thought it would be interesting to see what each decade has produced. We shared with you the family room of the 1950’s. The 1960’s did not fare as well. (The fifty’s were the Modernists and today that style has become a classic.)

The sixties were a time of change, a rebellion against the past and forging ahead into everything wild, new and crazy.

Dark greens, pinks and orange were the popular colors.

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Definitely 1960 era fashion and interiors are wonderfully portrayed.

1960 Mad Men Don Draper

Plaids. Plaids. Plaids.








Not too much of the 60’s colors in the above bedroom – blue is always nice for the bedroom. Here is an orange kitchen. June Cleaver morphed into the Brady Bunch. Plastics began their heyday.

1960 Kitchen

Orange everywhere and even green on the banquette.
Notice the orange carpet tile for the floor?












The S Chair by Panton is a classic. When things are new we tend to object in horror. When they stand the test of time we appreciate their form and their value.

The sixties were a time of radical change and revolution.  We learn. We rebel. We change. We grow. Or we don’t.

Chair 60s-design-02-lgn The S Chair

The Panton S Chair.
The first of many plastic forms.



Family room 1950 by sodahead

Family Room of the 1950’s









Family is and always will be central to our happiness. Whether we had to create a family of our own due to tragedy or we know our ancestral roots for generations there is no doubt that we need social interaction to stay happy, healthy and wise. At one time home was either a palace or one room. Then we advanced to two rooms. Public and private. Kitchen and sleeping.  Next (at the end of the 12th century) we had the parlor which become the third room. As always your wealth was evident in the size of your assets. You now had a ‘formal’ room where you could entertain guests.
With this brief scurry into history we see our homes reflect the times and the inhabitants, the advance of civilization. The parlor was at the front of the home, much the same as today’s living room. The Family Room was coined by George Nelson in 1945 in his book, ‘Tomorrow’s House’. This room could be used by adults and children. It would be more tough, durable than the living room. It would be a place that family members could enjoy each other on the basis of mutual respect and affection. We have advanced through the rec room, the great room to the media room.
Our interiors are always evolving. What’s important to us becomes a reality.

Wiggle Chair by Frank Gehry

Wiggle Chair by Frank Gehry








This was said by Mies van der Rohe. The full quote is
“A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier.”

What other beautiful chairs are out there? My husband call some chairs hurry up chairs. Hard seat and straight back. Do you have one of these? This wiggle chair is a conversation starter and aesthetically beautiful.

This blue Ikea chair looks great, works great and will be very serviceable. Both of these chairs serve an excellent purpose.

Chair by Ikea 2

Chair by Ikea


Table Top for Thanksgiving by remodelista

Set your table with things you love and surround
with those you love.












What’s new? What’s an old time favorite?
Thanksgiving is almost upon us. And then Black Friday a joy for many and
a fright for the rest of us.

We have been doing this as a National Holiday since 1863, more than one hundred and fifty years.
Thanksgiving was inaugurated as a Federal Holiday by Abraham Lincoln. The pilgrims celebrated
Thanksgiving after their first harvest in 1621. Less than a decade shy of four hundred
years ago. When we were an agricultural society we celebrated good harvests and the end of poor weather.

Today we appreciate the value of being grateful, giving thanks. Many of us keep a gratitude journal
or whisper our blessings to ourselves each night. What a blessing to be so rooted in this ancient tradition of
giving thanks.