Interior Trends #1b

See how the color blocking made the trip to interiors? Quite fantastic in both cases.

Interiors Trends 2014 #2

The colors are the same and the pattern is very similar.
This convergence of style and interiors is happening almost simultaneously.

Interior Trends 2014 #4a

Here is an Ikat pattern on a lovely young woman.

Ikat is usually a zig zag pattern and the thread is dyed before it is woven.

Interior Design Trends 2014 #4a

Here is an Ikat pattern on a sofa by freshome.

Trend # 5b Cobalt Blue

This is more cobalt blue than most of us can take for any length of time. It is a sun room. by Pantone

Trends 2014 #4

These cobalt blue appliances are something are they not?
The kitchen designer is Neil Kelly. Again use the strong color as a splash as done here or envelope your self in the color.

Trends 2014 #5

This is by
Here we see evidence of several trends.
1. architectural white
2. stripes
3. strong color
4. minimal design

Bright Color Trend #6 2014

This room is neutral but do you see how they
have turned it up quite a few notches with the executive
pink chair and the blazing blonde art?

Trends 2014 #7

This is a knock-out isn’t it? It’s not your typical bathroom. It’s not what you would call pretty either. It is beautiful. It is minimalist in style. It is Universal Design (aging in place). I do think I would add a bench, maybe there is one behind the mirrored column.


posted by freshome

posted by freshome

These cabinets are a bold addition to your room, but you can find any style
you like with a floating cabinet. Confer with your designer or cabinet supplier.
These can be installed anywhere, your bathroom, kitchen or living room.
Always work with an expert designer and installer.