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Hygge – Cozy Danish Lifestyle 2

Bedroom Hygge Now isn’t this bedroom C-O-Z-Y? This bedroom is so many things. I love it! Yellowstone Traditions is an Architectural Firm out of Montana. Yellowstone Traditions It’s hard to say cozy once you are inside the room. Cozy always brings a more humble picture...

Hygge – Cozy Danish Lifestyle

Uncluttered Kitchen: Danish Design and the now hugely popular Hygee Lifeystyle tends to be a clean (above) and uncluttered way of life.  Our Beautiful Interiors Newsletter BI # 284 Embrace Hygge Style! shows rooms with lots of pillows and extra throws. Remember Denmark winters...

Entertaining – Tabletops 3

Casual Tabletop: We are starting with a casual table setting today! Then something more formal. Always think of the event, of the mood, of your party or dinner theme. Even your personal style. Do you tend to be a casual or a formal guy or gal? Think of who the party is for, a ten...
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