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Refresh Your Interiors! Decorate for Summertime!

Foyer – Light & Bright Staying light and bright is refreshing after the warmer colors of winter. The same with textures, lighter fabrics are better than velvets. This is a huge generalization, there are no rules. Changing things around a bit does make for a surprise,...

Summertime Decorating!

Middle of May. Summertime is almost here! It’s been a rough winter/spring for many of us. Warm weather is on the way! It’s a good time to celebrate! How can we decorate for warmer weather? Dining outdoors is always in order. Do you have a spacious patio like this or...

Sunshine Design: BoHo Style

  Sunshine Design can Transform a room on a very small budget. Nothing is missing, We would like to add a desk. But that takes a bit more knowledge of space and occupant lifestyle. Check back, we will create one that has a desk! We will say this is a 5′ x 7′ room...
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